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Scotch rock band. They sound very rough and somewhat old fashioned. Not my taste.


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I was frankly waiting for the postponed releasing of Tonight to critisize and declare the suit-wearing indie rock dead – I’m that bad.
As their likes The Strokes, The White Stripes, Hot Hot Heat and Bloc Party , I thought Franz Ferdinand would put out a bad album following the domino effect.

Tonight is surprinsingly great and refreshing in every detail. The scotch guys just reinvented themselves without losing their identity.

The production is awesome and makes justice to a mature band that knows exactly how they should sound.

Tonight is above everything a secure album. FF don’t seem to doubt a thing. And they wisely mixed a lot of synthetic elements to their energetic disco-punk approach. But in my opinion the 70s glam rock factor is the cream of the crop.
Name it from David Bowie to The Sweet. It’s everything here. Sounding as great as it was just discovered.

Every song is carefully crafted as one of the definitive dance rock records of the year. And mark that, it surely is.

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A very fine and refreshing post-rock totally immersed into a synth pop pool.
It’s so good to hear interesting and challenging post-rock bands. The scene is so “auto-replicant”, that everything different is welcome.
Errors, a new band from Glasgow not only sounds different. They’re effectively good.
It’s Not Something But It Is Like Whatever sounds so mature. I wonder for how long they worked in this stuff.
A must have for any post-rock fan.

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Cocteau Twins - Blue Bell Knoll

Blue Bell Knoll is the last album by the Cocteau Twins released in the 80’s. But it’s one of their freshiest.
Maybe due to their label changing, but I feel a lighthearted aura around Blue Bell Knoll.
In spite of not being well received by the critics, this album (as everything CT has released) is perfect, in my opinion.

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Sons and Daughters - This Gift

Imagine a mix of Pixies and B52’s and Garbage.

I do prefer each one separately.

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Aerogramme -  My Heart Has a Wish That You Would Not Go

Aereogramme is a scottish band that sounds something like Radiohead meets Sigur Rós.

If you like those bands, have a try on Aereogramme.

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Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand

The first album by Franz Ferdinand is one of the finest indie rock albums of the 2000’s. It’s a fact.

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