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Skalpel – Skalpel

Skalpel is an exciting polish nu jazz duo. Very relaxing and well crafted.
A must have for fans of the genre.


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First full length album by Pati Yang. It’s a well balanced and produced trip hop with rock and drum n’ bass nuances. Obviously good for the time, but I can’t point any special highlight, although the homonymous track is the most pleasurable one.

Pati Yang is an important name in polish trip hop.

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Smolik - Smolik 2

Do you like Air – the french duo? Have you listened to ALL Air stuff at least ten times already?
What about giving a try on a polish alter ego?
Well, I don’t want to be depreciative with Smolik, but if he wanted his music to sound like Air, well, he succeeded.

Smolik is a polish artist who makes a fineĀ  electro chillout stuff. He really sounds like Air on his second album. But it’s not just a clone. Smolik put a heavier pinch of hip hop on his dish. So you may think he’s sounding more trip hop sometimes.

Overall, absolutely recommended to Air and chillout fans.

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