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Omar Rodriguez-Lopez & Lydia Lunch

Musically it’s the same as Omar‘s self-titled album and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez & Damo Suzuki.
So it’s basically a jam by The Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group plus spoken words by Lydia Lunch.

Conceptually it’s interesting:
Imagine you’ve spent most of a party talking to Mr. Amputechture. He’s solemn and moderate about his ideas.
You get rid of him and take a walk.
A few hours later you find Mr. Amputechture drunk lying on the couch. He’s unrestrained now. He talks a lot. He spits out truths and silliness.


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First album by the new band of Anneke van Giersbergen, The Gathering‘s ex-vocalist.

There’s no much information about her leaving, but at the same time a new band was announced, that was the born of Agua de Annique.

I swear I was waiting for something different from The Gathering. Maybe softer, more melodic, delicate, etc.
That was my impression when I listened their first available song, Day After Yesterday. And the forthcoming 3 tracks Beautiful One, Trail of Grief and Witnesses.

I finally got the full album and I can’t help but saying I’m disappointed. Agua de Annique shows nothing new about Anneke or her new band. They sound so much like The Gathering that you almost can’t tell the difference. Even the way the instruments are played. It makes me think whether is it on purpose.

Overall I think Air is not worst than the latest The Gathering albums (maybe they are due to the simple fact they’re NOT The Gathering). But They aren’t better in any way.

I hope Agua de Annique find some personality on their way. And I’m waiting for the next album by The Gathering, which may be a response to this album.

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The Gathering - Souvenirs

The Gathering is an old vice of my ears. This week I reminded how much I like them.
Souvenirs is my favourite album. I think it’s their best moment between rock and electro effects.
Anneke and the band are at their best.

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