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La Turbo is a group of acoustic pop and bossa nova.
The music is very enjoyable and relaxing. The contralto vocals are nice when it’s soft and whispering.


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Boris - Smile

Smile didn’t call my attention that much. There are some atmospheric/abstract tracks between rock-oriented tunes.

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YMCK - Family Genesis

Video games have never been so cool as it’s today. Some of the hypest artists are using 8-bit or retro synthesizers. I welcome everything with that kind of elements.
What almost nobody knows is that this kind of music is not that new. The sub-genre picopop defines japanese bands that use retro low fi synthesizers specially related to video game sound.
If you once loved (or still love) 8-bit or early 16-bit video games you’ll certainly like YMCK.

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Boris with Merzbow - Rock Dream

This is a record of the live union of two japanese experimental legends. However Boris with Merzbow are playing Boris stuff. So Merzbow, a noise god, is working like a fourth member of Boris.

The result couldn’t be better. Rock Dream is an explosion of energy. The four guys are in trance from the very beginning with the 35 minutes epic Feedbacker (which worths the first half of this double disc release) till the end with Farewell.

The setlist is perfect as much as the performances. Merbow‘s textures and noise layers matches incredibly good Boris drone / hard rock. The gathering of these elements goes beyond labels and can only be described as a rock dream.
The audience of this show is really lucky.
Surely one of the best things I’ve heard this year. I was caught by surprise with this record. Awesome.

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Envy - Abyssal

Envy is a japanese post-hardcore / screamo / post-rock band.
This is the first thing I hear by them.

Frankly I don’t like it. All songs sound the same.

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101A - One Day

101A is a japanese band that mixes electronic sounds, heavy guitars and experimental textures.
Their sound remind me a little bit of Star of Ash. There are some good moments here.

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Natsumen - Never Wear Out Your Summer XXX!!!

Never Wear Out Your Summer XXX!!! is a live album. It’s a huge responsability for a band that makes such a complex music to record a full album live.
And they do it amazingly.
Never Wear Out Your Summer XXX!!! is a surprise because it’s more post-rock than its predecessor.
Although the elaborated structures are here, and the frentic energy too.

I’d recommend this album first to someone who is not familiar to experimental / avant-garde music.
But the post-rock approach doesn’t mean it’s worst than Endless Summer Record, in any way.
If you don’t find their stuff, please leave a comment.

10/10 rating.

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