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After listening to the Jonsi‘s solo album, (which sounds like minimal experimental, and reminds me of Múm), I had some very good expectations about the forthcoming Sigur Rós‘ album.
It started playing and I was just “WTF? Animal Collective?“. But Jonsi‘s voice is clearly distinguishable.
Wow, what a step.

This freak folk spirit is one extreme of the album. The other one is the already known sad-weeping Sigur Rós (which is good, but I can’t take more than 5 minutes).

The album goes from the freak folk corner to the post-rock edge slowly. Song by song.

It’s very good to see they just haven’t stood on their own trademarked sound. They’re live and expanding their scope.

Gobbledigook, the first video -and track- of the album shows nude people running and playing in a grove. Matching the album cover.
The video it instantly reminded me of a scene on the movie Shortbus, by John Cameron Mitchell. And a friend of me noticed that the CD cover looks similar to the cover of the movie Idioterne, by Lars von Trier.


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[no cover yet]

Frakkur is the name for this Sigur Rós’ leader solo release.
Songs for the Little Boy sounds nothing like Jónsi‘s band. It’s electronic ambient, reminds me of Múm.

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Múm - Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy

New album by the icelandic pop band.

Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy has a distinct sound if compared to Finally We Are No One, their biggest success.

And I like it very much, most songs are happy, and have a childhood mood.
They’re less abstract, consequently more catchy, more pop. Yet relaxing.
I think it’s the Múm album I like the best! Very good!

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Bjork - Volta

Bjork is back, and for the happiness of many fans it seems she spent some time listening to her first albums.

After some experimental albums (inaccessible in some cases) it’s comforting to face Earth Intruders as the first track.

Of course there are experimental tracks, with random and atmospheric elements, but the whole album has a sense of “4-minutes-tracks”.
A term to describe Volta‘s ound is “multilayered”. There’s always something happening before the main sounds and voices. And that gives me a feeling of a double-leveled music.


The foresaid track, Innocence and Declare Independance are instant hits.
Volta is a strong album and a good surprise.

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