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As important as the first volume, Waves II is a little less sample-based, progressing into a slightly more drum machine/synth/vocals-oriented house music.

It’s worthy saying that in both incarnations of Waves, Le Knight Club‘s stuff is crucial for the collection relevance. If you don’t know LKC yet you really need to go after it.



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Today’s hottest electronic acts are influenced by french house. And when we’re talking about french house there is one name above all: Daft Punk.

Daft Punk has its robotic, retro-futuristic, new disco theme. And the guys from Paris are very strict to it.
So imagine how much stuff Guy-Manuel de Homem-Cristo and Thomas Bangalter throw away to keep up the Daft Punk releases quality. I say A LOT.

Fortunately they have (had?) a prolific off-Daft Punk life.

A long time ago, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Cristo founded his own french house label, called Crydamoure. While releasing a lot of tracks with Eric Chedeville under the moniker Le Knight Club, Homem-Cristo patronized a lot of people in Crydamoure.
These guys’ efforts were registered in 2 masterpieces: Waves and Waves II.

Both Waves are boldly recommended to anybody interested in house music. And I say it’s easily 10/10 rated.

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Wax Tailor is with no doubt an ace of turntables. Hope & Sorrow is an exhibition of his sample-skills fulfilled by thick beats and marking melodies that appealed instantly to me.
This is clearly hip-hop-driven, I’ve skipped some rap tracks like The Games We Play (but even Positively Inclined has its charm).
So the overall is amazing. No much people can make me enjoy this high level of hip-hop.

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Absolute classic of Nu / Acid Jazz.

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M83 - Saturdays = Youth

M83 plays an ethereal dream pop. Antony Gonzalez, its mastermind, uses a lot of heavy synthesizers, which sound very much like 90’s new age in my opinion.
Some people call it shoegaze, but there’s only one song that remind me shoegaze, it’s Too Late. This song reminds me of Slowdive.

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Yelle - Pop up

Yelle is a singer coming from the electro french scene. The music sounds like a mix of Cindi Lauper, Madonna and old school hip hop.

I don’t like the hip hop elements and the vocals.

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Danger - Danger EP

While people still discuss how to name the retro electro scene in france I’ll just call it french electro.
If you was born in the early 80’s or if you love 80’s video games you must check Danger out. It’s one of my favourite french electro names. The first EP is catchy as hell, I know it for 2 days and can’t stop listening to it.
A must for Justice fans.

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