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I tried  this just to be sure that the Verve wasn’t coming back to their dream pop / psychedelic days.
I was right.


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Charango marks Morcheeba‘s career as a transitional album from trip hop to a wider mix of styles. At least it’s what critics say.

I find Charango an inconsistent collection, from a band that is trying to discover its various faces.
They please me when they’re doing chillout. So São Paulo is obviously my favorite track. And I’m definitely checking their discography.

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Field Music is quite something. I couldn’t believe my ears that only three guys could craft such an amazing music.
Tones of Town reminds me a big mix of Supertramp, of Montreal with some experimental hints like Deerhoof, besides the obvious Beatles influence.
But everything sounds classic like Electric Light Orchestra.

I don’t want to mean they’re a collection of pre-made elements, they joyfully remind me of those names but they’re so good at it, they’re cool.

The vocal harmonies are just bliss, the melodies are wonderful.
I regret not knowing them before.

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Dark Captain Light Captain is a folk + delicate synths outfit from England.
The music is very pleasurable and quite reminds me of nice stuff like José Gonzalez and Tape.

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Whoever checked The Last Shadow Puppets knows how close Miles Kane sound to Alex Turner. And in my opinion it’s obvious that Alex Turner is the leading half of the Shadow Puppets. So the question was “How the hell would the full length album by The Rascals sound”.

Even though I wasn’t expecting much I’m disappointed. I like Kane‘s ambition for classic sounds, with great reverbs and delays. In fact the guitar is the best thing in The Rascals.

Rascalize seems to be supposed to sound a little like Arctic Monkeys with a more 60’s feel.
But the songs just don’t flow. There are strange start-stops which require some listenings to get into their music. That kills the catchy factor.

Maybe it’ll be alright in their next album.

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Despite The Wave Pictures have a few records out, they’re totally unknown to the public.
Instant Coffee Baby is roughly mixed. It’s not lo-fi, it’s just rough. Sounds almost like a live recording.
That’s good if you want your band sounding raw and true. It’s like they’re playing in your bedroom.
I feel a strong 50’s rock influence everywhere, some 60’s too.
The Wave Pictures
have a simple approach to melodies, so after listening to this you’ll got a lot of stuff to whistle around.

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There’s something special happening in UK about funk. I don’t care if people call it New Funk or Deep Funk, I care about listening to all its formidable stuff.

Baby Charles is a genuine exemplar. There’s not a let down. All tracks are full fledged killer funk hits in its own purpose, which will make you feel in the early 70’s again.


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