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The Raveonettes - Lust Lust Lust

First album I check by The Raveonettes.

The sound is indie rock with noise and consequently a little shoegaze influence.
There are good tracks like  Aly, Walk with Me, (the repetitive) Lust,  (the obvious) With my Eyes Closes and my fav, the shoegazing Hallucinations.


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Elisabeth Klein - Stockhausen Piano Music

Elisabeth Klein is a danish pianist. In this album she recorded some pieces by Stockhausen.
The music is cold, sparse and oftenly psychotic.
It’s the perfect soundtrack when the mood is right.

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Junior Senior - D-D-Don’t Stop the Beat

Firts studio album by the danish duo.
This is a controversial album. It has awesome disco rock hits and at the same time very boring songs.

The obvious hits are Move your Feet and Rythm Bandits.

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Mew - And the Glass Handed Kites

Another partially good album by Mew. And the Glass Handed Kites has some strong progressive influence plus a more evident synthesizer. These characteristcs give them an unique sound.

This is a conceptual album. The tracks work as part of a whole thing, neverthless the plot is not clear.

The only down on Mew is their inconsistence. You just cannot pick up any track by them.

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Mew - Frengers

A partially good album. I think the first three tracks are instant hits. Then things just slow down. And I think it’ll get bright again only with Shespider and the closing track Comforting Sounds.

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The Blue Van - The Art of Rolling

The sensational Blue Van‘s kick off album. Probably the most passionate and honest retro rock I ever heard. There’s a full reach over the best of rock n’ roll from 1965 to 1975. From frantic energy to delicate ballads. The obvious highlights are Product of DK, Product of DK, Product of DK, Coeur de lion and I Want You.
All musicians are satisfactory, but the drummer Per M. Jorgenson thrashes his drums with precision, as if he was playing alone all the time.

A must in any Mob or Retro act tracklist.

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