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Hooverphonic - The President of the LSD Golf Club

The President of the LSD Golf Club is the sixth album by the belgian trip hop band Hooverphonic.

It sounds very familiar, there are no surprises here. That means Hooverphonic has created some sonic personality. It’s one of the best things that can happen to a band. And I remember the worst point on their first album, A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular, was the lack of personality.

Therefore there are some slight improvements. First of all, they’re sounding more organic. And the music itself seems more mature.
There are quite good hits here like Black Marble Tiles (my fav), Expedition Impossible with their already known The Doors-like organs, Billie that has a delicious 70’s mood, etc…

It has some weak points too, like The Eclipse Song and 50 Watt, which I think are very boring.
And a different thing is the lot of vocals by Alex Callier. The first impression wasn’t good. But maybe these vocals has given a more Air-mood to their sound.

The overall is a good pop relaxing album, they seem to be getting rid of trip hop boundaries.


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Hooverphonic - The Magnificent Tree

That’s the third studio album by Hooverphonic and they have surely grew up on many aspects since their first release, A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular.

The album is finely produced, with good sounding sinthesized instruments (the drums are very nice now).

Liesje Sadonius has a sexy and gentle voice. And the band as a whole shows much more personality in the tracks Jackie Cane, The Magnificent Tree and L’odeur Animale. But at the same time there are tracks that make them lose all this personality like Mad About You and Vinegar and Salt, which in my opinion sounds just like Portishead. They’re good, but I don’t like these so “inspired-by” moments.
Besides there are even some more “experimental tracks” like Frosted Flake Wood and Pink Fluffy Dinossaurs, which sound like child lullabies.

My fav song is the album homonymous, of course.

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Good kick off album. The sounds, textures and the production are not the best, but the melodic sense is notorious.

There are good shots like Barabas and Nr. 9.

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