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Right now I think Australia is the second greatest country in electro. Generally they got the french house and put it into a more pop-oriented structure.

Cut Copy is naturally the most famous aussie newcomer, but there are plenty of new names hitting an unexpected high quality level.
Midnight Juggernauts is one of them.

They have some Cut Copy-sque thing,  less delicate. Add some 70’s pop-rock influence like Electric Light Orchestra and David Bowie. And you may have an idea.
I like the apocalyptic feel on the musics, the ballads fit perfectly to diversify the album, which could have sounded repetitive without them.
Very nice stuff. Made my week, probably my month.


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My favourite australian band, Cut Copy has crossed the second-album-barrier successfully. In Ghost Colours is at least as good as the predecessor.
Before anything I noticed this album works much better as a whole. While Bright Like Neon Love has some let downs.
In Ghost Colours reinforce the Cut Copy personality and still gives them new ground.
I feel a special Depeche Mode and New Order influence.
In fact almost every song reminds me of something in music. But in a totally healthy way.
Cut Copy has crafted such a sonic personality that you can in one second recognize them.
So instead of a boring rip off, In Ghost Colours sounds like a comfortable revisit to the late 80’s and early 90’s.
One of the best dance albums of the year, easily.

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A bit silly. But that’s what they’re for.
Sometimes I wanna listen to innocent light-hearted stuff, and Architecture in Helsinki is all about innocent light-hearted music.

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Cut Copy - Bright Like Neon Love

Cut Copy is a mix of electro and rock. They are influenced by Daft Punk, but their rock side is more evident.
Curiously the tracks I like the best in Bright Like Neon Love are the most electronic ones. They’re Saturdays, That was Just a Dream and Zap Zap.

BLNL has very fine hits but it’s a little uneven for me to consider it very good.

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Wolfmother - Wolfmother

Wolfmother has gained some fame for making retro hard rock in a modern indie rock way. You can think of them as a mixture of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath with White Stripes.

It seems to me that those inspirations are a little bit artificial. They often sound fake and the music is shallow.

However they have some energy for real rock n’ roll, that’s what make them cool in moments when you don’t need heavy cerebral stuff.

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The Avalanches - Since I Left You

I’m pretty sure The Avalanches reached the level of “legend” in the electro/hip hop scene. And it’s not exaggerated to think that way.

These aussie ocasional DJs made a piece of work that just bursts bliss.

They have the 70’s funk, they have the hip hop samples and they have the dance beat. What else could they have?
A second album, I’d say.

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