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Citrus is the second album by the well-known indie-shoegaze outfit Asobi Seksu.
Sharing the mood of other bands lead by a japanese vocalist, Asobi Seksu has delicate and melancholic mood due to Yuke Chikudate. Who sings in english and japanese.

Sweet dream pop melodies and shoegaze tense noise is their trademark, but the exaggerated lo-fi mix darkens their sound.

Asobi Seksu is another band I think could fly so high if they had a classy audio production.
I understand the charm that Kevin Shields created in his noisy l-fi records, but what people forget, is that he worked really hard to achieve that sound. It’s not only lo-fi.


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Superb record! Jazz in a lounge manner. Totally delightful.

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The other half of the dead At the Drive-In.
Sparta sounds ordinary to me. Nothing new. Nothing calls my attention.
Weather the Storm is a good track, though.

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Crystal Castles - Alice Practice

This is the first EP  by Crystal Castles. It contains my fav songs by them with a slightly worst quality if compared to the leaked 2008 album.

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Noah Georgeson - Find Shelter

I’ve listened to Noah Georgeson on Devendra Banhart‘s collection Love Above All. He produced the work of some famous folk artists, a friend of mine recommended this album so I checked it out.

Noah Georgeson has a strong and mature musicianship. In Find Shelter, Noah plays from slow folk to elaborated guitar-based songs like Tied to the Coast.

I just disliked the synths, they sound like cheap crap stuff. Otherwise I’d absolutely love this album.

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Wolfmother - Wolfmother

Wolfmother has gained some fame for making retro hard rock in a modern indie rock way. You can think of them as a mixture of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath with White Stripes.

It seems to me that those inspirations are a little bit artificial. They often sound fake and the music is shallow.

However they have some energy for real rock n’ roll, that’s what make them cool in moments when you don’t need heavy cerebral stuff.

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São Paulo Underground - Sauna: Um, Dois, Três

Once upon a time, the cornetist Rob Mazurek had the idea of coming to Brazil and making some musical partnershis.
The result is São Paulo Underground, with the album Sauna: Um, Dois, Três.

An exciting mix of experimental noise, jazz and a pinch of hip hop.

I just don’t like the hip hop sections, the rest is bliss!

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