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Thrid album by Metric. Live it Out sounds heavier than its predecessor, but it’s not my cup of tea. And I’ve tried all albums by them so far.


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A bit silly. But that’s what they’re for.
Sometimes I wanna listen to innocent light-hearted stuff, and Architecture in Helsinki is all about innocent light-hearted music.

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Cut Copy - Bright Like Neon Love

Cut Copy is a mix of electro and rock. They are influenced by Daft Punk, but their rock side is more evident.
Curiously the tracks I like the best in Bright Like Neon Love are the most electronic ones. They’re Saturdays, That was Just a Dream and Zap Zap.

BLNL has very fine hits but it’s a little uneven for me to consider it very good.

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Arcturus - Sideshow Symphonies

As a fan of Dimmu Borgir I’m used to see mentions to Arcturus as the project where Simen “Vortex” fully sings. And always heard that Arcturus is a more atmospheric / experimental / avant-garde project in norwergian black metal scene. So I just picked their latest album, Sideshow Symphonies. But it was a total delusion.
Simen‘s voice is unique. I totally love his vocals. But the band is so weak. The melodies, arrangements, everything is poor and obvious. I don’t know why people label them as experimental / avant-garde, since I haven’t heard ANY surprising stuff (not counting the surprising boring parts and the surprising horrible synthesizers).

I’ll probably try other Arcturus album, because I don’t believe so many people can love the music in Sideshow Symphonies.

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Céu – Céu

Céu - Céu

Céu is a brand new brazilian potencial in world music.

She makes a very authentic mixture of bossa nova, dub, african beats and reggae. But the vocal lines and lyrics relate directly to african roots.

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The Decemberists - Picaresque

Imagine a mix of Belle & Sebastian, REM and Echo and the Bunnymen with a vocalist oftenly evoking Brian Molko. That’s how I listen to Picaresque by the Decemberists.

Since I’m not a huge fan of twee pop they don’t call my attention, but if you like any of the foresaid bands you should check them out.

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Natsumen - Endless Summer Record

Natsumen is one of my fav japanese bands. Recently I discovered the japanese post-rock scene but never expected for something so interesting and energetic like Natsumen.

Endless Summer Record is a studio album. Focused on free jazz improvisation. They deliver everything between explosive catchy melodies of complex structures to total abstration.
This album is a delight for experimental/avant-garde ears. It’s a shame the fact that Natsumen is pratically unknown.

I’m doing my part and telling everyone what a great band it is.
If you like post-rock, experimental music, prog rock, jazz fusion or general avant-garde you must be introduced to Natsumen. And if you don’t find their stuff, please leave a comment.

10/10 Rating.

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