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Skalpel – Skalpel

Skalpel is an exciting polish nu jazz duo. Very relaxing and well crafted.
A must have for fans of the genre.


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Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand

The first album by Franz Ferdinand is one of the finest indie rock albums of the 2000’s. It’s a fact.

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Aievea - Scared of Jazz

Aievea is an acid jazz band from Romania.
Scared of Jazz, their unique album, has amazing relaxing tracks plus some ethnic elements.

Unfortunately they’re totally underrated. If you like acid jazz you must know Aievea.
Great stuff.

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Tin Hat Trio - Book of Silk

Tin Hat Trio is a quartet (they once were a trio. in fact they changed their name to simply Tin Hat afterwards) that makes a sweet chamber music with folk and sometimes experimental elements.

They’re really great and I mostly love Book of Silk. I just don’t like much the folk and bluegrass nuances, but it’s not bad at all.

All chamber tracks are awesome but Empire of Light is the highlight in my opinion.

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Rovo - Mon

Rovo is a side project by Seiichi Yamamoto, Boredoms‘ guitarrist and Bondage Fruit‘s violinist Yuji Katsui.

They’re doing some relaxing music here instead of their regular bands’ sound. Plus some fresh acid jazz mood.

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Kasabian - Kasabian

First album by the english band. Here they mixed lots of britrock with some psychedelia, reminds me of Kula Shaker. The mixture delivered some fine moments (I must say I don’t like the pure britrock sections).

My fav tracks are Club Foot, I.D and U Boat.

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The Organ - Grab that Gun

Some girls making post punk music. If you like The Smiths you should give it a try.
I’ve got bored around the 4th track but maybe the 80’s die hard fans would appreciate.

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