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As important as the first volume, Waves II is a little less sample-based, progressing into a slightly more drum machine/synth/vocals-oriented house music.

It’s worthy saying that in both incarnations of Waves, Le Knight Club‘s stuff is crucial for the collection relevance. If you don’t know LKC yet you really need to go after it.



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Second album by Metric. Clearly more rock oriented, without the hip hop elements of the first unreleased album, but still a tasteless record.

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Moloko - Statues

This is probably the slower and most introspective album by Moloko. Some songs show clear details about Róisín relation with Brydon. Several emotional songs.

My fav songs are Familiar Feeling and Over and Over.

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The Thermals - The Body the Blood the Machine

Imagine the balance between indie rock and punk/hardcore. Then you’ll have The Thermals.

The Body the Blood the Machine, their second album is a collection of simple yet haunting rock songs.

If you love Ramones, Misfits and dance to the sound of the 2000’s indie rock bands The Thermals may be your new fav band.

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Ephel Duath - Painter’s Palette

Ephel Duath is probably the most interesting progressive / experimental act coming from Italy.
They mix brutal guitars and vocals with jazz interludes and psychedelic behaviour.

There are so many and so different things happening that at the first auditions everything will sound like a big mess.
So I’d say Painter’s Pallete requires attention some attention from the listener.

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The Gathering - Souvenirs

The Gathering is an old vice of my ears. This week I reminded how much I like them.
Souvenirs is my favourite album. I think it’s their best moment between rock and electro effects.
Anneke and the band are at their best.

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Smolik - Smolik 2

Do you like Air – the french duo? Have you listened to ALL Air stuff at least ten times already?
What about giving a try on a polish alter ego?
Well, I don’t want to be depreciative with Smolik, but if he wanted his music to sound like Air, well, he succeeded.

Smolik is a polish artist who makes a fine  electro chillout stuff. He really sounds like Air on his second album. But it’s not just a clone. Smolik put a heavier pinch of hip hop on his dish. So you may think he’s sounding more trip hop sometimes.

Overall, absolutely recommended to Air and chillout fans.

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