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Charango marks Morcheeba‘s career as a transitional album from trip hop to a wider mix of styles. At least it’s what critics say.

I find Charango an inconsistent collection, from a band that is trying to discover its various faces.
They please me when they’re doing chillout. So São Paulo is obviously my favorite track. And I’m definitely checking their discography.


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Tujiko Noriko -  Hard Ni Sasete (Make Me Hard)

Tujiko Noriko makes a soft and delicate experimental music.
This is a thoughtful yet relaxing album. A very nice rest for tired experimentalist heads.

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Between the Buried and Me - Between the Buried and Me

First album by the american band.
This album is a curious mix of death and alternative metal. With alternating guttural and clean mid-range vocals.

The music also alternates, between simple death metal patterns and more complex riffs in different time signatures.

I must say I didn’t like the death metal side of the band. But this is an average kick off album.

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Ruins - Tzomborgha

A frentic bliss.
Ruins is the best of “experimental music meets progressive rock”.
Tzomborgha is awesome and the Black Sabbath and Mahavishnu Orchestra medleys are very much like a gift.
I totally loved it.

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Star of Ash - Ilter Viator

Star of Ash is a side project of Ihriel, the singer of Peccatum.

She got some valuable help here, by her husband Ihsahn from Emperor and Kristoffer “Garm” Rygg from Ulver.

Ilter Viator is a nice mixture of atmospheric music, orchestral epic soundscapes, electronic beats, goth concept and some heavy metal guitars which appears sometimes.

It’s a very nice album but very underrated.
My fav tracks are Death Salutes Atropos and Nudity of Light.

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The 3rd and the Mortal - Memoirs

The most controversial album by The 3rd and the Mortal and overall a totally underrated piece of work.

T3ATM” always was a band of rough experiments. I can perfectly uderstand that on 2002 the gothic metal subgenre was absolutely saturated. And I see Memoirs as a desperate act of escaping.

Lots of guest appearences, spoken-word songs, no more metal guitars, electronic beats and textures, experimental vocals and so. Definetly Memoirs is an strange album.

I think “strange” is often a good characteristic to music. But in this case everything is so sparse, sometimes vague, sometimes excessively concentrated…
You may think this album is a compilation of more than one band.

The radical renovations in addition to the lack of cohesion, given to a mostly orthodox audience like heavy metal fans made this album a total disaster.

Curiously this is my fav album by T3ATM, in spite of some questionable tracks.
But that’s the cool about experimental stuff.

Memoirs starts with two great songs. And they’re the highlights of the album along the sixth track, Fools like Us.

But don’t you think the rest of the album is bullshit. T3ATM will for better or worse surprise you.

I complain the world for not appreciating this album, which is clearly an immature glitter of innovative creativity.

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