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Today’s hottest electronic acts are influenced by french house. And when we’re talking about french house there is one name above all: Daft Punk.

Daft Punk has its robotic, retro-futuristic, new disco theme. And the guys from Paris are very strict to it.
So imagine how much stuff Guy-Manuel de Homem-Cristo and Thomas Bangalter throw away to keep up the Daft Punk releases quality. I say A LOT.

Fortunately they have (had?) a prolific off-Daft Punk life.

A long time ago, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Cristo founded his own french house label, called Crydamoure. While releasing a lot of tracks with Eric Chedeville under the moniker Le Knight Club, Homem-Cristo patronized a lot of people in Crydamoure.
These guys’ efforts were registered in 2 masterpieces: Waves and Waves II.

Both Waves are boldly recommended to anybody interested in house music. And I say it’s easily 10/10 rated.


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The Be Good Tanyas are an alternative country trio from Vancouver, Canada.
Blue Horse is traditional country music with delightful influences of pop and rock music.
The first track, The Littlest Birds, showcases marking bass and percussion that remind me of swing.

Altough Blue Horse‘s mix of influences, the only track I think doesn’t fit too well is Light Enough to Travel.

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Daft Punk - Discovery

2007 proved that France is probably the top of the world in electronic music. I need to know its roots, so I’m looking after Daft Punk.

Discovery has some impressive new ideas for that time, 2001. It has lots of 70’s and 80’s-like samples. Which make the record sound like a collection of classics.

My fav tracks are Aerodynamic, Digital LoveShort Circuit, Face to Face and Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.

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Converge - Jane Doe

Converge is certainly a pioneer on brutal math rock. And Jane Doe is a gem of the sub subgenre math / metalcore.
I can clearly notice some marking 80’s heavy metal influence in various tracks, but the fury lead by the Jacob Bannon‘s vocals makes the album sound fresh.

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Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - Grand Opening and Closing

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum is a band wich are being hype for some time. Although their first album dates from 2001, they’re very underrated.

SGM is a fine mixture of various things. You can imagine an alternative metal band with progressive elements and lots of experimentalism. Here in Grand Opening and Closing – their first studio album – their experiments reminds me of some RIO bands, like Art Bears and Henry Cow. And Carla Kihlstedt‘s voice would sound a lot like Dagmar Krause if it was less delicate.

The heaviest fast tracks seems to me like a cross between Mr. Bungle and Tool. But they have enough personality to slighly bring these (and possibly other) names to your head.

For a first album, it’s a really very fine record.

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Yesterday’s New Quintet - Angles Without Edges

Yesterday’s New Quintet is a jazz/instrumental hip hop side-project by the famous hip hop artist Madlib.
There are 19 tracks, and they’re mostly in chillout mood. So it’s cool as a realxing album.

The music varies from chillout jazz to dub, breakbeat, soft hip hop and even some flirts with samba/bossa nova.

A very good kind of music not so easy to find.

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De Facto - Megaton Shotblast

De Facto is the last stand to Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez before The Mars Volta. And they were already in the good companion of Isaiah Ikey Owens and Jeremy Ward. At that time they started doing public jams with John Frusciante and Flea, both from Red Hot Chilli Peppers. And because of De Facto they met John Theodore, who would become the drummer for The Mars Volta in the three first albums.

The album is a very nice dub strongly influenced by King Tubby plus a cool latin mood.

A must for Cedric & Omar fans.

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