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Absolute classic of Nu / Acid Jazz.


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Good post rock. Full of energy and personality.

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Fela Kuti - Expensive Shit/He Miss Road

If not the most essential, this split cd contains the most famous albums by Fela Kuti. The supreme king of jazz/african music.

You can clearly feel the energy and pleasure of people in trance with their music. It’s awesome, and Mr. Kuti is guiding the whole thing.

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At the  Drive In - Relationship Command

A trmendous landmark to Hardcore. Relationship Command defined the term Post-Hardcore, and that hardcore music doesn’t need to be boring simple.
The musical chemistry between these guys was in its best despite they were about to break.
Surely one of the very best rock albums released in 2000.

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Radiohead - Kid A

Fourth studio album by Radiohead.
It sounds very different from Ok Computer, now there’s lots of electronic beats and effects. Even the more organic tracks sound different. It shows that the guys spent some time thinking about their sonority.

My fav track is probably the most unusual to Radiohead, The National Army.

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Hooverphonic - The Magnificent Tree

That’s the third studio album by Hooverphonic and they have surely grew up on many aspects since their first release, A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular.

The album is finely produced, with good sounding sinthesized instruments (the drums are very nice now).

Liesje Sadonius has a sexy and gentle voice. And the band as a whole shows much more personality in the tracks Jackie Cane, The Magnificent Tree and L’odeur Animale. But at the same time there are tracks that make them lose all this personality like Mad About You and Vinegar and Salt, which in my opinion sounds just like Portishead. They’re good, but I don’t like these so “inspired-by” moments.
Besides there are even some more “experimental tracks” like Frosted Flake Wood and Pink Fluffy Dinossaurs, which sound like child lullabies.

My fav song is the album homonymous, of course.

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The Avalanches - Since I Left You

I’m pretty sure The Avalanches reached the level of “legend” in the electro/hip hop scene. And it’s not exaggerated to think that way.

These aussie ocasional DJs made a piece of work that just bursts bliss.

They have the 70’s funk, they have the hip hop samples and they have the dance beat. What else could they have?
A second album, I’d say.

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