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Elisabeth Klein - Stockhausen Piano Music

Elisabeth Klein is a danish pianist. In this album she recorded some pieces by Stockhausen.
The music is cold, sparse and oftenly psychotic.
It’s the perfect soundtrack when the mood is right.


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Cocteau Twins - The BBC Sessions

A BBC Sessions record could have had everything to be the definitve live collection by Cocteau Twins. It embrances the whole Twins carreer, from their early post-punk times to their 1990’s twilight.

The first songs are great. But as the timeline goes further the sound of Cocteau Twins becomes more and more elaborated and sophisticated. In such a manner that there aren’t enough guitars to fill the gaps of their late 80’s and 90’s songs.
Not even the always perfect voice of Liz Fraser could hide the thin sound that was made on those sessions.
It’s a shame, because I watched lots of live footage of Four-Calendar Cafe and Milk and Kisses tours and they were awesome, featuring two guitarists plus Guthrie.

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Dream Theater - Scenes from a Memory

My favourite album by Dream Theater.

I think DT has a serious problem. They’re naturally old fashioned guys. They’re not experimental, avant-garde or modern. When they try these strange fields they fail. (Yes, I’m talking mainly about their newest albums)

In Scenes from a Memory it seems evrybody relaxed and just looked back to their inspirations, influences and their stuff which achieved success.

Through Scenes from a Memory DT is not trying to change the world or revolutionize the music. They’re just being themselves. And they made of the sweetest albums to progressive music.

Portnoy‘s egos is in its place. You can hear Myung setting the ground all over the album, with absurd and ingenious riffs shared with Petrucci‘s guitar. Petrucci is a guitar legend, he’s a master from slow and emotional solos to burning shredding. And yet he keeps the rythm guitar parts as rythm, making the whole music greater.
Rudess was the newbie at that time. But his guitar-esque solos is evident since so.
LaBrie‘s vocals aren’t pyrotechnic. He’s quite attentive about what he can do.

A true pleasure for prog fans or rock musicians. Challenging music like this made the name of Dream Theater.

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Amon Düül II - The Best of 1969-74

A compilation of the very best material by Amon Düül II.
For those who doesn’t know the history about Amon Düül, let me introduce it.

Amon Düül was a commune in Germany, a “radical political art” one. And a musical group (with the same name) was one side of their expression.
This band had no much rules. Anybody who was in the commune could be in the band.
So a few people with a sharper interest in music decided to create a more restricted and organized musical group. So they called themselves Amon Düül II.

Amon Düül is with no doubt one of the best psychedelic rock bands in germany, and this compilation is maybe the best way to know them.

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Aghora - Immortal Bliss

First album by the metal/jazz fusion act Aghora.
Aghora is the brainchild of Santiago Dobles, who gathered some high technichal musicians like Sean Malone and Sean Reinert. Both ex-Cynic.

As an independent record, the production quality is poor. Specially for the guitars, which sound a little lifeless.
But these details don’t obscure the guys’ talent.

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A satisfactory album.

It holds some good hits like Rendez-Vu, Yo-Yo, Junmp ‘n’ Shout and mainly Red Alert

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