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Buena Vista Social Club was a famous club in Cuba, in the first half of the past century.
It has vanished in time but in 1997 Ray Cooder brought it back to life. He reunited some people who played in the club at its gold times, for a last session.
So above all, this is a nostalgic moment. Also sad if you think that this good music was forgot for decades.

This record is a jewel, a romantic portrait of salsa and latin culture not only for Cuba but Latin America as a whole.
If you can’t like a song in this album you can’t like latin music.

Finally, anyone who like this album must check out the DVD with the same name. It’s a register of Cooder‘s effort to gather people who played in the Buena Vista Social Club, to record this album.


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Radiohead - OK Computer

OK Computer is a classic in rock n’ roll. And I have nothing to add about it.
Very good produced album. Generally speaking Radiohead defined a new level of “thinking” in music.

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Good kick off album. The sounds, textures and the production are not the best, but the melodic sense is notorious.

There are good shots like Barabas and Nr. 9.

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