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Butter 08 - Butter 08

I think everything Miho Hatori and Yuka Honha  take part is effing great.

Butter 08 is a side project that was born when Cibo Matto was recording the song Know your Chicken (at least it’s what the rumours say).

Butter 08 is a supercool mix of rock and hip hop, but in a more agressive manner than Cibo Matto.


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Bondage Fruit II

Second album by Bondage Fruit, already one of my fav experimental bands.
I feel a solid evolution since their first album. Everything is more polished, clear and balanced.

They grew in such a way of using vocals as harmonic and percussive structures that I can relate them to OOIOO. Or this album as a huge influence on OOIOO‘s music.

In other words, a delight. Get it if you can. If you cannot then contact me.

I absolutely love this. 10/10 rating with no doubt.

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Kula Shaker are pioneers on retro 60’s and neo psychedelia. When the United Kingdom was totally into britpop they brought an unexpected retro sound.

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Belle & Sebastian - If You’re Feeling Sinister

Some will say it’s the best album by Belle & Sebastian, since I’m not into indie/twee pop nor into B&S music I have only superficial impressions.

This is a good thoughtful album. The music is somewhat cynic and sad.

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Cocteau Twins - Milk & Kisses

Last studio album by the scottish band I love the best.

Here they seem to have made a step back to sound more like their 80’s recordings.

I think the problems between Liz and Robin deeply influenced both music and lyrics. That made Milk & Kisses the saddest Cocteau Twins‘ album in my opinion. Even the most up-tempo songs seem to have a little stain of sadness.

But in this album is the song that has one of my favourite lyrics ever, Rilkean Heart.

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