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Slowdive - Souvlaki

Classic shoegaze album, my favourite by Slowdive.
They obviously sound like My Bloody Valentine but more polished.


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Cocteau Twins - Four-Calendar Cafe

The last but one album by my favourite scotish band.
Its predecessor, Heaven or Las Vegas could have seemed the limits of Cocteau Twins when they reached the 90’s with a fresh and modern approach.
Four-Calendar Cafe is slightly different yet as good as any other CT album. It has the freshness of Heaven or Las Vegas and some tracks appear to have a greater pop appeal, like its hits Evangeline, Know Who You are at Evey Age and specially Bluebeard, my favourite track.

I say Cocteau Twins  is the flawless kind of band.

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Yo La Tengo - Painful

Probably the best album by Yo La Tengo but didn’t call my attention at all.

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Boredoms - Pop Tatari

Boredoms is a pioneer name to japanese noise / experimental music. And an important responsible for making the scene known worldwidely.

Pop Tatari is a landmark and a visionaire album considering the overwhelming grunge and hard rock for the time. (by the way, they even have grunge-like guitar parts)

An essential album for noise / experimental ears.

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Carla Bley - Big Band Theory

Nice piece of soft jazz.

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Don Caballero - For Respect

If you ever read any random paragraph about math rock you surely noticed a mention to Don Caballero.
They’re the precursors of a very cult sub-genre nowadays, math rock.

Imagine you’re in 1993.
Imagine the impact of an instrumental rock band. Imagine the impact of an instrumental rock band playing complex songs with lots of start-and-stops and dissonances.
Well, I think Don Caballero was a really groundbreaking thing for that time.
They influenced and opened way for a horde of math rock bands that are well known today.
For Respect is a landmark. It has little noise and good melodies, which make the album very accessible.
A perfect introduction to math rock. Spectacular release.

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