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Jane’s Addiction was with no doubt one of the most influential alternative rock bands in the 80’s. It’s hard not to find a trace of their sound in the american alternative rock bands of the 90’s.


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Cocteau Twins - Heaven or Las Vegas

Cocteau Twins is one of my very favourite bands for many years, so whatever I may write about them is partisan.

Heaven or Las Vegas is CT at their best. I think here they reached the level of “cosmic entity” as a band. Every song rapdly takes me to an altered state of mind. It’s relaxing, hypnotic. It’s magical, dazzling and seducing.

Everytime I want to introduce CT to someone I pick up this album, or a song from it.

Since Cocteau Twins is not only music, but a whole sensorial experience, it’s useless trying to put it in words.

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Ride is with no doubt a mark in britsh rock and this album is a symbol to shoegaze.

Nowhere shows lots of post-punk influences, and has some crucial differences to Ride‘s older brother My Bloody Valetine, it’s just simpler and more pop oriented.

A classic.

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