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Budd, Raymonde, Guthrie, Fraser - The Moon and the Melodies

A cooperation bewteen the Cocteau Twins and the american ambient composer Harold Budd.

This is a very good release, featuring full CT as we know them plus hypnotic synthesizers by Budd. It’s slower and more calm than most CT releases, but it’s perfect for background music or relaxing/medidating.


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Cocteau Twins - Victorialand

Victorialand is the most ethereal and atmospheric album by Cocteau Twins. Maybe it’s for the absence of Raymonde, or it was just the moment.
But Victorialand is one of my very favorite albums by these scottish guys.

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The Smiths - The Queen is Dead

Third studio album and considered the best shot by The Smiths.
The Queen is Dead has most of The Smiths classics, and meant the consolidation of the New Wave movement which marked the return of guitar as the highlighting instrument in rock music.

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