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Gary Numan - The Pleasure Principle

Gary Numan was one of the most innovative figures in Britain, and he is ridiculously underrated. But Gary Numan was one of the guys who set form to the pop music transition from 70’s to 80’s. From guitar-driven rock to a new era of keyboards and synthesizers playing the main role into rock and dance music.

The Pleasure Principle is Numan‘s masterpiece. Since it has all of this best hits. Including Cars.
Neverthless the album is not entirely good. I think some tracks are dispensable like M.E. and Conversation (which are the two longest tracks on the album). Plus the bonus tracks added on the CD version. None of them called my attention.

The synths work is great. The drums brings some heavy smell of 70’s hardrock, I like that.
A must have for synth pop fans. This album is pure history.


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