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Can’t decide whether my favourite Zeppelin album is III or IV. This one has Black Dog, Rock n Roll, Battle of Evermore (probably my fav zep tune), Stairway to Heaven and Misty Mountain Hop IN A ROW. That is a real advantage and technically IV is my fav album. But, I cannot say it without thinking about the other albums.


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Can - Tago Mago

Aside to Ege Bamiasy this is the Can‘s masterpiece.
An awesome trip. An ode to the subconsciousness. More diverse than its successor Tago Mago stands in my mind as a more rock n’ roll oriented music.
The only let down is the weak audio production. But it’s not band’s fault.
I think there’s a remastered version out there, but I don’t I’ve listened to this.

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Ash Ra Tempel - Ash Ra Tempel

The men behind Ash Ra Tempel are geniouses besides innovators. They’re known for being pioneers on melting in the same pan the 60’s psychedelia and the 70’s hard rock.
What you get is a jewel. An album that reached the level of some kind of cosmic spirituality.

There are only 2 tracks. They’re long, and you may face them as two independent trips although equal in dazzling power.

As the propose of krautrock, Ash Ra Tempel runs out of the “word domain”. So it’s useless to write about that.
The first album by Ash Ra Tempel is a sensorial experience.

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Ornette Coleman is an unquestionable name to free jazz.

Science Fiction marked his career as the balance between the old energy and the forthcoming electric experiments.

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