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Bondage Fruit II

Second album by Bondage Fruit, already one of my fav experimental bands.
I feel a solid evolution since their first album. Everything is more polished, clear and balanced.

They grew in such a way of using vocals as harmonic and percussive structures that I can relate them to OOIOO. Or this album as a huge influence on OOIOO‘s music.

In other words, a delight. Get it if you can. If you cannot then contact me.

I absolutely love this. 10/10 rating with no doubt.


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Bondage Fruit - Bondage Fruit

First album by one of the finest and most underrated experimental bands on this planet.

Bondage Fruit is a japanese band that mixes experimental music with zeuhl. They easily goes from tight complex structures to absolute noise. There are lots of vocal harmonies and energetic percussion.

Their first effort sometimes reminds me of Boredoms, but their focus is different.
A totally must for experimental fans.

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Salle Gaveau - Alloy

Could you ever imagine a mixture of tango and zeuhl?
It’s surely strange, but it’ll perfectly make sense as soon as you give a try on Salle Gaveu. A project created by Natsuki Kido, who is the leader of Bondage Fruit, an awesome experimental rock band.

I love everything in Salle Gaveau but the distorted guitar. I think it doesn’t fit the purity of the other instruments, which are all acoustic.

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