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A bit silly. But that’s what they’re for.
Sometimes I wanna listen to innocent light-hearted stuff, and Architecture in Helsinki is all about innocent light-hearted music.


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The Decemberists - Picaresque

Imagine a mix of Belle & Sebastian, REM and Echo and the Bunnymen with a vocalist oftenly evoking Brian Molko. That’s how I listen to Picaresque by the Decemberists.

Since I’m not a huge fan of twee pop they don’t call my attention, but if you like any of the foresaid bands you should check them out.

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Au Revoir Simone - The Bird of Music

First full length album by the female trio.
They make a sweet indie pop. I’d say they’re a delicate version of CocoRosie.

I love the first track.

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Belle & Sebastian - If You’re Feeling Sinister

Some will say it’s the best album by Belle & Sebastian, since I’m not into indie/twee pop nor into B&S music I have only superficial impressions.

This is a good thoughtful album. The music is somewhat cynic and sad.

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My Little Airport -  Zoo Is Sad, People Are Cruel

My Little Airport is a twee pop duo from Hong Kong. And that’s enough to make you curious about their sound.

Zoo Is Sad, People Are Cruel is a compilation of My Little Airport songs. Since so the quality varies between the tracks.
Generally I liked their sound better than most indie pop bands coming from europe today. I always thought asian music is somehow more innocent and simple. And My Little Airpot sounds very innocent. It’s not just the lyrics, I think it’s everything about their music.

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