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First full length album by Pati Yang. It’s a well balanced and produced trip hop with rock and drum n’ bass nuances. Obviously good for the time, but I can’t point any special highlight, although the homonymous track is the most pleasurable one.

Pati Yang is an important name in polish trip hop.


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Charango marks Morcheeba‘s career as a transitional album from trip hop to a wider mix of styles. At least it’s what critics say.

I find Charango an inconsistent collection, from a band that is trying to discover its various faces.
They please me when they’re doing chillout. So São Paulo is obviously my favorite track. And I’m definitely checking their discography.

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Wax Tailor is with no doubt an ace of turntables. Hope & Sorrow is an exhibition of his sample-skills fulfilled by thick beats and marking melodies that appealed instantly to me.
This is clearly hip-hop-driven, I’ve skipped some rap tracks like The Games We Play (but even Positively Inclined has its charm).
So the overall is amazing. No much people can make me enjoy this high level of hip-hop.

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Portishead - Third

I always liked Portishead but have never got into their music deeply. The long-awaited new album by the english duo seemed to be a good chance for who only knows their most popular songs.
At the first listening, Third sounded dark and challenging. The moods are awesome, the music is creative and fresh yet sounding classic.
The vocals were a problem at first listening. Not about Gibbons‘ voice, but the vocal melodies sounded strange, like struggling against the music.
But this problem is solved with some more listenings. And the album gets better time after time.

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The Chemical Brothers - We Are the Night

We Are the Night has some very good hits. I’d use at least 3 tracks for a good nightclub playlist!

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CocoRosie - The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn

Third album by the duo CocoRosie.
If you liked Noah’s Ark you won’t be disappointed with The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn.
I think this time the Casady sisters are sounding a little more synthesized, since they’re using more electronic noise yet keeping the atmospheric style of Noah’s Ark.

The alternation on the vocals keep the album fresh and interesting varying from clever hip-hop to deep ethereal atmosphere.
I think the album requires some attention from the listener, but it gets more and more interesting on each listening.

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Slowpho - 2 1/2 (Two and a Half)

Slowpho is a norwergian trip-hop duo very underrated. They made a soft trip hop with lots of mixtures.
In Two and a Half is a good and concise album although you can find synth pop, chillout jazz, drum n’ bass and even a little bit of rock music.

A like Hilde‘s voice. But I must say I prefer her in lower tones, when she reminds me of Róisin Murphy.

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