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Citrus is the second album by the well-known indie-shoegaze outfit Asobi Seksu.
Sharing the mood of other bands lead by a japanese vocalist, Asobi Seksu has delicate and melancholic mood due to Yuke Chikudate. Who sings in english and japanese.

Sweet dream pop melodies and shoegaze tense noise is their trademark, but the exaggerated lo-fi mix darkens their sound.

Asobi Seksu is another band I think could fly so high if they had a classy audio production.
I understand the charm that Kevin Shields created in his noisy l-fi records, but what people forget, is that he worked really hard to achieve that sound. It’s not only lo-fi.


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Secret Shine is a band at the edge of “a good rip off soon to be an authentic band”, I hope.
All of the Stars features a collection of shoegaze cliches performed with amateur precision.
The female vocals were mixed so harsh, I cannot take them.

It’s surely easy to mimic the best shoegaze bands, but it’s hard to be as catchy as they were.
The best moment here is Stars in the Sky, where everything seems balanced – but the hissing female vocals.

Secret Shine is not bad forever. I think experience and authenticity are keywords for them to work in the next releases.

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What a sweet simple thing! It’s a shoegaze/noise body with a punk soul.
At first it can sound a little rough but as you get surrounded by the ethereal mass of noise guitars you may be

able to fully enjoy this spontaneous record.

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Resplandor is a good surprise hailing from Lima, Peru.
Pleamar is their third album, it sounds very much like Cocteau Twins and Slowdive. So it surely will please dream pop / shoegaze fans.
All songs are enjoyable, the album hasn’t a let down. Therefore, sometimes the vocals get a little too much airy.

I don’t know why they’re so unknown. Probably it’s hard to make things work from Peru. But they’re already could be huge in europe, since there are a lot of shoegaze bands not as good as Rasplandor, with a massive fan-base.

They definetely need exposure.

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Experiment Aircraft - Third Transmission

With the audio quality of a demo, Experiment Aircraft put out a very nice shoegaze album that could have been released 15 years ago.
There are male and female vocals. I prefer the female ones.
The music is perfectly hypnotic.
I just complain about the audio quality, I think there’s a difference between vintage beauty and audio limitations.
In this case Experiment Aircraft‘s music is limited by audio production.

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Slowdive - Souvlaki

Classic shoegaze album, my favourite by Slowdive.
They obviously sound like My Bloody Valentine but more polished.

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Magnetic Fields - Distortion

I like half of this album. The half with the high pitched vocals.
The other half, with kind of a old man singing is horrible, terrible. If you like noise rock and shoegaze give a try, you may like one half too.

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