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Scotch rock band. They sound very rough and somewhat old fashioned. Not my taste.


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First studio release by Zack de La Rocha (Rage Against the Machine) and Jon Theodore (ex-The Mars Volta).

Fans of RATM may like it. The production is rough and the arrangements are the simplest possible.

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Fine soft rock record. Reminds me of Zero 7.
As a whole the album is a little inconsistent, but it has awesome songs, like Diamonds in the Sky.

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I’ve never been into Alanis Morissette music, but I was curious to know how Flavors of Entanglement would sound.

It looks like Morissette is looking for a new aural personality after so many changes in music since her first records – which made her so famous.

Therefore, Flavors… is full of sonic mannerisms.
For instance, Citizen of the Planet is a classic “mystic” rock-oriented track. (a 90’s mystic Madonna meets Evanescence).
Underneath is familiar ground, both to Morissette and her fans.
Straitjacket is the worst try of the album, in my opinion. Morissette ‘s I-must-rhyme pop-rock vocalsĀ  just don’t fit the bad electro ripoff background.
Versions Of Violence is another try of mixing heavy rock elements with electronic drums in a way that has already happened, 10 years ago.
Not As We is probably the best track. A piano ballad. Where Morissette can relax and be herself for a while.

The album goes on varying from Morissette recycled cliches and less adventurous unsuccessful tries of being modern.
Perhaps Moratorium illustrates the album problem better than any song:
Flavors… isn’t bad, but Alanis Morissette seems trapped in the 90’s, trying to be in the 2000’s through the wrong ways. Maybe she is just not well oriented. If I’d blame someone it would be the producer Guy Sigsworth who just reheated previous Morissette‘s success and failed putting her into a modern context.

In my opinion this is an album only for Morissette fans.

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Alext Turner in a retro western daydream, and he’s in good company, Miles Kane makes the guitar parts one of the most pleasurable things in The Age of the Understatement.

I’d say for the first impressions.

In fact that’s what I feel in the first 5 songs, but slowly the duo take you to unimaginable lands.
From the surprising retro western moods to a full fledged luxury produced 60’s rock extravaganza.

Everything is so right and well placed.
Turner‘s voice is known territory. That’s what will guide doubtful ears.
The orchestra and additional stuff give so much content to the music. It’s easy as “enter the gentle strings, now the song has a soul”.

The album goes deeper both in substance and experiment and in my opinion find its climax at the 7th and 8th tracks, respectively My Mistakes Were Made For You and Black Plant, where Turner and Kane blend themselves with the rest of the music completely.

A brilliant album and masterpiece of audio production. It deserves careful auditions to be aware of everything that’s happening. 10/10 rating.

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Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! is good, substantial old fashioned rock with a mint production. The album is diverse yet concise and enloyable. The homonymous track is good and Moonland has a hint of The Cure‘s Lullaby.
My fav track is Lie Down Here (And Be My Girl).

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Boris - Smile

Smile didn’t call my attention that much. There are some atmospheric/abstract tracks between rock-oriented tunes.

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