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Alext Turner in a retro western daydream, and he’s in good company, Miles Kane makes the guitar parts one of the most pleasurable things in The Age of the Understatement.

I’d say for the first impressions.

In fact that’s what I feel in the first 5 songs, but slowly the duo take you to unimaginable lands.
From the surprising retro western moods to a full fledged luxury produced 60’s rock extravaganza.

Everything is so right and well placed.
Turner‘s voice is known territory. That’s what will guide doubtful ears.
The orchestra and additional stuff give so much content to the music. It’s easy as “enter the gentle strings, now the song has a soul”.

The album goes deeper both in substance and experiment and in my opinion find its climax at the 7th and 8th tracks, respectively My Mistakes Were Made For You and Black Plant, where Turner and Kane blend themselves with the rest of the music completely.

A brilliant album and masterpiece of audio production. It deserves careful auditions to be aware of everything that’s happening. 10/10 rating.


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Wolfmother - Wolfmother

Wolfmother has gained some fame for making retro hard rock in a modern indie rock way. You can think of them as a mixture of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath with White Stripes.

It seems to me that those inspirations are a little bit artificial. They often sound fake and the music is shallow.

However they have some energy for real rock n’ roll, that’s what make them cool in moments when you don’t need heavy cerebral stuff.

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The Raconteurs - Broken Boy Soldiers

The famous project lead by Jack White and Brendon Banson.

This album seems to me like a collective of wannabe retro songs. It’s not necessarily bad, since they do it fairly well most of the times. Although there are two shots which called my attention, Steady as She Goes and the zep-esque Broken Boy Soldier.

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Dungen - Ta Det Lungt

I like Ta det Lugnt as the best Dungen album. It’s vibrant, energetic, concise and has a perfect audio production for a retro 60’s sound.

The song I always choose to introduce Dungen to a friend is Panda.

The album is full of hits and covers several 60’s and early 70’s aspects.
A 10/10 rating.

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The Go! Team - Thunder, Lightning, Strike

An awesome retro rock album with a very good early-hip hop side. The only down of this jewel is the “over-vintage” production. It makes the sound too compressed, crispy and lacking bass.
But I think it’s part of their show. So the overall is very good.

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The Blue Van - The Art of Rolling

The sensational Blue Van‘s kick off album. Probably the most passionate and honest retro rock I ever heard. There’s a full reach over the best of rock n’ roll from 1965 to 1975. From frantic energy to delicate ballads. The obvious highlights are Product of DK, Product of DK, Product of DK, Coeur de lion and I Want You.
All musicians are satisfactory, but the drummer Per M. Jorgenson thrashes his drums with precision, as if he was playing alone all the time.

A must in any Mob or Retro act tracklist.

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