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The Vivian Girls are a good punk trio with noisy guitars and classic melodies.

My fav tracks are Such A Joke and Where Do You Run To.


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What a sweet simple thing! It’s a shoegaze/noise body with a punk soul.
At first it can sound a little rough but as you get surrounded by the ethereal mass of noise guitars you may be

able to fully enjoy this spontaneous record.

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Be your Own Pet - Get Awkward

Be your Own Pet makes a solid and energetic punk rock. Unfortunately I’m not into punk, but it’s a recommendation for anyone who likes it.

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Death from Above 1979 - You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine

Death from Above 1979 was a short-lived canadian duo. They recorded just one album and it’s good as hell.

A noiseful and energetic dance punk played by bass and drums. A limited lineup, but a very good sound. Most of the songs are hits.

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Hot Hot Heat/Red Light Sting [Split CD]

A very nice split CD. Containing a great moment for Hot Hot Heat (if you only know them by the disastrous Elevator you must know there was a time when they were good).
The first half has the very best of early Hot Hot Heat on the album Scenes One Through Thirteen. When they were a band of synth punk. Steve Bays was only the keyboardist. No guitars. No dancing songs. It’s a huge punch on your chin. They were creative and genuine.

The second half has a band very unknown and totally overrated. Because The Red Light Sting made a very cool and fancy mix of punk and synth.
The audio production is very good and clean against the rough-demo level of the Hot Hot Heat half.

A must have for anyone who likes punk music with something else. The halfs are very close in their attempt so if you like one you’ll probably love the other. A 10/10 in my punk opinion.

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