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The canadian couple strikes again. I don’t like Wolf Parade so I didn’t have any expectations about it, and I wasn’t wrong at all.
This kind of electro reencarnation of 80s phantoms (Billy Idol to say one) plus other punk and post punk names is not my cup of tea.


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The Fall is one of the few authentic post-punk survivors.
Mark E. Smith, vocalist, is the only common name through lineup changes. And unfortunately his voice is what makes Imperial Wax Solvent unreachable to me.
Good music, though.

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Bauhaus - Go Away White

The legend of gothic rock is back with Go Away White. Unfortunately I don’t like it.
They sound out of inspiration so the good moments are in the atmospheric passsages.

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The Cure - Disintegration

Shame on me I don’t know the whole Cure discography. But from what I know Disintegration is the very finest album.

It’s perfect when it comes to desperation, solitude and saudade.

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Cocteau Twins - The BBC Sessions

A BBC Sessions record could have had everything to be the definitve live collection by Cocteau Twins. It embrances the whole Twins carreer, from their early post-punk times to their 1990’s twilight.

The first songs are great. But as the timeline goes further the sound of Cocteau Twins becomes more and more elaborated and sophisticated. In such a manner that there aren’t enough guitars to fill the gaps of their late 80’s and 90’s songs.
Not even the always perfect voice of Liz Fraser could hide the thin sound that was made on those sessions.
It’s a shame, because I watched lots of live footage of Four-Calendar Cafe and Milk and Kisses tours and they were awesome, featuring two guitarists plus Guthrie.

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She Wants Revenge - This is Forever

Very awaited album by one of the finest post-punk revivalists.

She wants Revenge is back one year later their debut. And they’re not taking even one doubtful step.
I mean This is Forever is very much like a She wants Revenge Part 2.
This is not bad, since it has very good dance hits.

But after a while it all can get a little tiring.

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Bauhaus - In the Flat Field

Probably the most seminal goth rock album. Bauhaus among other bands like Joy Division established the mood and shape of post punk with In the Flat Feed.

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