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BURIAD is an american rock band. They make a soft post-hardcore. There’s nothing new here and the vocal melodies are repetitive.


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Envy - Abyssal

Envy is a japanese post-hardcore / screamo / post-rock band.
This is the first thing I hear by them.

Frankly I don’t like it. All songs sound the same.

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Enter Shikari - Take to the Skies

Enter Shikari is an english band that mixes in the same pan post-hardcore and 90’s techno synthesizers.
It may sound strange. And it is.
I think if you like techno music you won’t have problems with the synts. But that wasn’t my case.

They have a bunch of energy but I don’t like the 90’s electro stuff, and I really don’t like the screaming vocals here.
Too bad. I hope they come back more mature on the next album.

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At the  Drive In - Relationship Command

A trmendous landmark to Hardcore. Relationship Command defined the term Post-Hardcore, and that hardcore music doesn’t need to be boring simple.
The musical chemistry between these guys was in its best despite they were about to break.
Surely one of the very best rock albums released in 2000.

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Circa Survive - On Letting Go

There were great expectations about the second album by Circa Survive, one of the top post-hardcore bands today.

Their first album was a huge shot and its neo prog approach brought up a lot of comparisons and discussions about Circa Survive and Anthony Green‘s previous bands, mainly the most illustrious Saosin.

First thing I noticed on On Letting Go was a much better audio production. The guitars are more clear, and the overall seems to be more balanced. The vocals don’t overwhelm anything.

Everybody is just working as well as in Juturna. But I noticed some differences on the drums parts. It seems to be more angular, pulsing, with almost dancing beats.

On Letting Go would easily be a 10/10 rating if it was Circa Survive‘s first release. It’s very good, but there’s nothing new here. It costed them 2 years to make this second album, and any song could be in Juturna.

Most people don’t even think about this kind of thing since the songs sound fresh (that’s the case).
But I wait for innovations every album so the unique down of On Letting Go is its lack of newness.

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Rx Bandits - The Resignation

This is the third studio album by Rx Bandits, they seem to be divided between Post-Hardcore and Ska. I say “divided” because these two things don’t get mixed. Sometimes they sound totally rock but it can suddenly change and you can even think you’re listening to another band.
I don’t know if it’s just for this album.
When they play their full hardcore stuff they sound pretty common. So things get hotter when trombonist Chris Sheets enters the scene and the band makes a powerful and energetic ska.

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Circa Survive - Juturna

First album by the new band of Anthony Green and the guitarrist Colin Frangicetto.

Once I thought the hardcore boundaries could not be more pushed than what At the Drive-In did.
But 5 years after the releasing of Relationship Command, Circa Survive seems to challenge it.

But they’re not comparable to each other. Circa Survive is notoriously a less-furious effort, and it has frequent trips to neo prog fields.

Though the instrumental is a cool mix of modern rock subgenres, Green‘s voice will establish if you like them or not. His child-like voice, clean “bends” and screams are always present, and leads the music.

I like it, really good work.

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