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Converge - Jane Doe

Converge is certainly a pioneer on brutal math rock. And Jane Doe is a gem of the sub subgenre math / metalcore.
I can clearly notice some marking 80’s heavy metal influence in various tracks, but the fury lead by the Jacob Bannon‘s vocals makes the album sound fresh.


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Porcupine Tree - Fear of a Blank Planet

I’ve never really got into Porcupine Tree simply because none of the tracks I heard called my attention.

But you know, everybody says their sound change so much from album to album, and I saw a very hight rating specially about their last album, Fear of a Blank Planet. I just gave it a try, properly.

Well, the first thing I have to say is that Porcupine Tree still hasn’t caught my attention.
Don’t get me wrong, they’re good. The sound is fine and even pleasuring, but I feel it has nothing new, authentic or peculiar.
Steve Wilson is very capable as the mastermind behind Porcupine Tree, but I can just think Fear of a Blank Planet is a mix of Tool, The Flower Kings and Marillion .

The sound is very good, but in my humble opinion it’s just a collection of clichés.
(If you’re a Porcupine Tree fan and think that I don’t know the band enough to say such things, feel free to recommend me their essential stuff 😀 )

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Between the Buried and Me - Between the Buried and Me

First album by the american band.
This album is a curious mix of death and alternative metal. With alternating guttural and clean mid-range vocals.

The music also alternates, between simple death metal patterns and more complex riffs in different time signatures.

I must say I didn’t like the death metal side of the band. But this is an average kick off album.

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Star of Ash - Ilter Viator

Star of Ash is a side project of Ihriel, the singer of Peccatum.

She got some valuable help here, by her husband Ihsahn from Emperor and Kristoffer “Garm” Rygg from Ulver.

Ilter Viator is a nice mixture of atmospheric music, orchestral epic soundscapes, electronic beats, goth concept and some heavy metal guitars which appears sometimes.

It’s a very nice album but very underrated.
My fav tracks are Death Salutes Atropos and Nudity of Light.

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