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65daysofstatic - The Destruction of Small Things

65daysofstatic is a post rock band from England, which is somewhat hip on internet.
I decided to give’em a chance. Therefore I’m totally into the japanese post rock scene these last weeks, so I think I have a hard judgement for 65daysofstatic.

I didn’t really like this album. They sound like other post rock bands and the only thing different on 65daysofstatic are the electronic effects. Which I really disliked. Mainly on the first track. I mean, there is kind of an electronic drum that just doesn’t fit to the analog and warm sound of the distorted guitars.

I wonder if 65daysofstatic is such a hot band now, what would happen to the japanese bands if they were known.

I recommend to everyone who likes 65daysofstatic, take a chance on the following bands:
– Lite
– Toe
– Té
– Miaou

These ones will give an introduction to the shining new music from Japan. They’re awesome. They just need to be known.
If you can’t find them please leave a comment.


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Miaou - Painted

What a a gorgeus EP!
Miaou is probably the most delicate and fragile side of the japanese post-rock scene.

They reach a very deep emotional level without the need of screaming or exploding in noise.
By the way, the track Scene Of The Sunrise reminds me of Múm!

A gift for post rock fans.

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Toe -  Book About My Idle Plot On

Toe is another jewel of the japanese post-rock boom.

They’re less math than Lite and less emotional than Miaou.  So you can wait for a very balanced music. Sometimes technical sometimes simple and sweet.

Neverthless Toe is not an intermediary band. They’re pioneers of japanese post-rock with an album released in 1999.

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LITE - Filmlets

This week I discovered that in Japan, mainly in Tokyo there’s a really good math / post / instrumental rock scene. There are plenty of bands making high level music which can be compared to western huge names like Tortoise, Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky, Godspeedyou! Black Emperor. And frankly, these guys rocks and have very much energy to make lots of good stuff fast.

LITE is a more math rock oriented instrumental music. But they’re quite exciting.

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The Avalanches - Ski Surfin’

This is not the electronic The Avalanches, but an american rock band of the 60’s.

Very good instrumental surf rock.

This is a rip from the authentic 1963’s LP. Last month this album was relaunched by the  Collectors Choice.
You can buy this new release on amazon now.
But if you want the 1963’s rip please leave a comment with your e-mail and I’ll contact you.

The rip is in 192kbps mp3 quality.
I hope you all understand I’m protecting the source of this rip. (:

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If These Trees Could Talk - If These Trees Could Talk

Very good debut album by these guys from Akron, Ohio.
Last years lots of instrumental rock bands are reaching some evidence, and that’s very good. I always thought that when we’re talking about music the sound would come first. In the story of rock music the time passed and the vocalist-frontman pose overran the main thing in a band, the instruments.
That’s the importance of instrumental rock movement.

That said, If These Trees Could Talk (ITTCT), among other instrumental post-rock bands has an introspective sound, with lots of delayed and echoed guitars. This kind of effects instantly creates an atmosphere. The guys doesn’t need to burn their fingers in speed, the feeling here is different.

The thing that detach ITTCT from other post-rock bands is their dynamism. They can sound deeply atmospheric and suddenly an agressive riff breaks through and explodes evrything, like in the track The Friscalating Dusklight.

Besides the common comparisons to Explosions in the Sky and Godspeed You! Black Emperor, the first thing I rememberd listening to ITTCT was Circa Survive, due to their good work of guitar + drums.

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Second album by Pelican.

I assume I have an experimental taste for music. So if it doesn’t surprise me it’s hard to make me like it.
First time listening to The Fire… didn’t raise any interest about the band.
But since it’s instrumental I decided let it playing one more time.

And yes, after a while I started liking it.
I think Pelican doesn’t bring any new stuff to the world in this album, but they make such a sensitive instrumental rock that if you pay some attention and let time pass you’ll certainly find a value on it.

The album mixing is average. But I really don’t like the too hard kick drum unless it’s metal stuff. I think it’s often unnecessary since the band’s sound has a fair big range. So I’d let it hard just in March to the Sea, the heaviest track.

The band sound much like background music the whole album, it’s not bad. The bad thing is Pelican not having a vocalist. I think it could make them great.

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