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I was frankly waiting for the postponed releasing of Tonight to critisize and declare the suit-wearing indie rock dead – I’m that bad.
As their likes The Strokes, The White Stripes, Hot Hot Heat and Bloc Party , I thought Franz Ferdinand would put out a bad album following the domino effect.

Tonight is surprinsingly great and refreshing in every detail. The scotch guys just reinvented themselves without losing their identity.

The production is awesome and makes justice to a mature band that knows exactly how they should sound.

Tonight is above everything a secure album. FF don’t seem to doubt a thing. And they wisely mixed a lot of synthetic elements to their energetic disco-punk approach. But in my opinion the 70s glam rock factor is the cream of the crop.
Name it from David Bowie to The Sweet. It’s everything here. Sounding as great as it was just discovered.

Every song is carefully crafted as one of the definitive dance rock records of the year. And mark that, it surely is.


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Thrid album by Metric. Live it Out sounds heavier than its predecessor, but it’s not my cup of tea. And I’ve tried all albums by them so far.

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Second album by Metric. Clearly more rock oriented, without the hip hop elements of the first unreleased album, but still a tasteless record.

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The Vivian Girls are a good punk trio with noisy guitars and classic melodies.

My fav tracks are Such A Joke and Where Do You Run To.

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Whoever checked The Last Shadow Puppets knows how close Miles Kane sound to Alex Turner. And in my opinion it’s obvious that Alex Turner is the leading half of the Shadow Puppets. So the question was “How the hell would the full length album by The Rascals sound”.

Even though I wasn’t expecting much I’m disappointed. I like Kane‘s ambition for classic sounds, with great reverbs and delays. In fact the guitar is the best thing in The Rascals.

Rascalize seems to be supposed to sound a little like Arctic Monkeys with a more 60’s feel.
But the songs just don’t flow. There are strange start-stops which require some listenings to get into their music. That kills the catchy factor.

Maybe it’ll be alright in their next album.

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Despite The Wave Pictures have a few records out, they’re totally unknown to the public.
Instant Coffee Baby is roughly mixed. It’s not lo-fi, it’s just rough. Sounds almost like a live recording.
That’s good if you want your band sounding raw and true. It’s like they’re playing in your bedroom.
I feel a strong 50’s rock influence everywhere, some 60’s too.
The Wave Pictures
have a simple approach to melodies, so after listening to this you’ll got a lot of stuff to whistle around.

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Nothing good or interesting around here. Skip it.

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