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In Flames - A Sense Of Purpose

In Flames is one of the most successfull metal acts today. It’s easily explained with just a few minutes of listening to their new album.
Essentially death metal, A Sense of Purpose gathers elements from classic heavy metal e hard rock. These elements make of In Flames an universal metal band not restricted to extreme metal or old school fans.
The healthy variety heavy rock styles in A Sense Of Purpose justifies one more time In Flames‘s popularity.


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Cavalera Conspiracy - Inflikted

It’s been a long time but the Cavalera brothers are together again.
They intended to make a new Sepultura formation but couldn’t for legal reasons, so they called it Cavalera Conspiracy.

If compared to Roots, the last Sepultura album with the brothers side by side, Inflikted sounds miles ahead. Really another band.
They’re obviously in the thrash/death metal, but now there are more elaborated songs. (don’t say progressive!)
The mood changing and the guitar solos surprised me.

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Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos

I am (or was) a huge fan of Dream Theater. I love the albums Images & Words, Awake, A Change of Seasons, Scenes from a Memory and Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence.
Train of Thought is OK despite the fact I think it gets boring fast. Octavarium is strange, they have good moments but the bad ones are longer. Plus the “strange” tracks like The Answer Lies Within and I Walk Beside You, which I totally dislike.

I don’t know if the problem is in myself.
The last years I’ve got myself digging more and more experimental stuff. But I think Dream Theater is a band with creativity problems. As most bands are.

People change, bands change, music changes. It’s natural, it’s good. The problem is, you can not feel in love with it anymore.

That’s what happened with Dream Theater and me. Their ToT and Octavarium created some distance between “us”. Still I was in love with them.
But Systematic Chaos called it a day.

Don’t be fooled by the first 2:10 of In the Presence of Enemies Pt.1, the album is not that concise and inspired.

LaBrie‘s voice is great. He’s sounding clear as crystal. But all his talent is thrown off the window with the horrific I-have-to-rhyme lyrics. Not even the best singer could make good vocal lines with such geometric lyrics. You can notice this problem specially in Forsaken, maybe the worst track.
It’s hard to think they’re the same band who composed vocal elaborated songs like Voices and A Change of Seasons.

They tried making another Glass Prison with Constant Motion, but it sounds just not inspired to me.  At this point we can clearly see that Portnoy is taking more and more place in vocals. It’s not bad, when it’s full of effects.

The Dark Eternal Light is the best track in my opinion. They’re more authentic here, and they got it fairly right most of times.

It’s just before Repentance. A track I just dislike. I cannot listen to it entirely. First time I checked Repentence I was waiting for an instrumental explosion, but it doesn’t happen.

Sincerely, I tried Systematic Chaos more than once, and postponed this review as long as I could. But my opinion haven’t changed: Systematic Chaos is the worst DT album in my opinion.

I was wondering whether Hot Hot Heat‘s Happiness Ltd. or DT‘s Systematic Chaos is my worst 2007 disappointment. But I already hated HHH‘s Elevator, so I wasn’t surprised with Happiness Ltd.
That means I think Systematic Chaos is my worst 2007 disappointment so far.

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101A - One Day

101A is a japanese band that mixes electronic sounds, heavy guitars and experimental textures.
Their sound remind me a little bit of Star of Ash. There are some good moments here.

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Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - Grand Opening and Closing

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum is a band wich are being hype for some time. Although their first album dates from 2001, they’re very underrated.

SGM is a fine mixture of various things. You can imagine an alternative metal band with progressive elements and lots of experimentalism. Here in Grand Opening and Closing – their first studio album – their experiments reminds me of some RIO bands, like Art Bears and Henry Cow. And Carla Kihlstedt‘s voice would sound a lot like Dagmar Krause if it was less delicate.

The heaviest fast tracks seems to me like a cross between Mr. Bungle and Tool. But they have enough personality to slighly bring these (and possibly other) names to your head.

For a first album, it’s a really very fine record.

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The Dillinger Escape Plan - Miss Machine

A hell of a good album.
Second studio release by Dillinger Escape Plan.
They cover everything from heavy metal to fusion, to jazz, to math hardcore.
The way they mix everything is amazing. They’re probably my heavy rock favorite band for now.
This is a 10/10. Flawless.

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Symphony X - Paradise Lost

I’m not much into metal for some time, besides I have never liked too much the sound of Symphony X.
Lots of people say it’s progressive metal. I’ll say it’s power metal.

So a new release by these guys didn’t called my attention too much. But since I’m checking all 2007 albums as I can, this one could not be out of my to-hear list.

And it’s a good surprise! Paradise Lost, the seventh studio album by this heavy metal veterans seem to be more diverse.
Of course it has the so traditional heavy metal riffs and stuff, but they’ve got really good mood changes into the songs, which makes the album less tiring.

If you’re willing heavy metal with medieval influence and technical solos you must check this thing.

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