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Scenes and Sirens - The South Will Dance Again

The emo/hardcore and electro mixing haven’t worked for Scenes and Sirens.


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The Thermals - The Body the Blood the Machine

Imagine the balance between indie rock and punk/hardcore. Then you’ll have The Thermals.

The Body the Blood the Machine, their second album is a collection of simple yet haunting rock songs.

If you love Ramones, Misfits and dance to the sound of the 2000’s indie rock bands The Thermals may be your new fav band.

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Converge - Jane Doe

Converge is certainly a pioneer on brutal math rock. And Jane Doe is a gem of the sub subgenre math / metalcore.
I can clearly notice some marking 80’s heavy metal influence in various tracks, but the fury lead by the Jacob Bannon‘s vocals makes the album sound fresh.

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