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2009 - Rush - Working Men

I’m a Rush fan.
And I’m not a compilations fan.

I think compilations exist only for sake of enriching record labels’ pockets. And Working Men is not different.

As you can tell by the cover, if you like the canadian trio, this is a compilation of live performances. With more than 30 years on the road, plus countless live albums, Rush easily exceeds the numbers of a single-disc tracklist. So you can expect great stuff here. The flaw is, nothing here is new.

Every performance is already released on a live album. Then if you’ve bought a recently released Rush live album, chances are that you have at least 30% fo Working Men. Because this release contains the best track out of Snakes & Arrows Live, R30 and my personal favorite Rush in Rio. I saw them at that tour, but in the São Paulo show.

That aside, all tracks are great and show that in spite of being in grandpas’ age, theses guys rule.

If you’re new to Rush and want to know how the band sounded live in the 00’s, that’s the album. Otherwise it’s just collectors stuff.


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Can’t decide whether my favourite Zeppelin album is III or IV. This one has Immigrant Song, Friends and Celebration Day kicking off . Since I’ve Been Loving You is one of the most intense Zep blues ballads.

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Can’t decide whether my favourite Zeppelin album is III or IV. This one has Black Dog, Rock n Roll, Battle of Evermore (probably my fav zep tune), Stairway to Heaven and Misty Mountain Hop IN A ROW. That is a real advantage and technically IV is my fav album. But, I cannot say it without thinking about the other albums.

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Black Mountain - In the Future

The second album by Black Mountain is awesome. It showcases the evolution of the whole band.

In the Future has a lot of 70’s heavy metal that reminds of Black Sabbath plus psychedelia and even subtle progressive elements. I love this album. But it would be perfect with some killer guitar solos, some parts just scream desperately for it.

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Boris with Merzbow - Rock Dream

This is a record of the live union of two japanese experimental legends. However Boris with Merzbow are playing Boris stuff. So Merzbow, a noise god, is working like a fourth member of Boris.

The result couldn’t be better. Rock Dream is an explosion of energy. The four guys are in trance from the very beginning with the 35 minutes epic Feedbacker (which worths the first half of this double disc release) till the end with Farewell.

The setlist is perfect as much as the performances. Merbow‘s textures and noise layers matches incredibly good Boris drone / hard rock. The gathering of these elements goes beyond labels and can only be described as a rock dream.
The audience of this show is really lucky.
Surely one of the best things I’ve heard this year. I was caught by surprise with this record. Awesome.

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Portugal the Man - Church Mouth

If you hear the right tracks you may think Portugal the Man is one of the best things happening on rock today. nfortunately these magical tracks are only a few.

Church Mouth kicks off with the best 4 tracks on the album. The other tracks are not bad but they just aren’t as good to keep my attention and I quite can’t remember their names.

At the end of the day, Church Mouth has one of the best tracks of the year in my opinion: Sugar Cinnamon.

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Wolfmother - Wolfmother

Wolfmother has gained some fame for making retro hard rock in a modern indie rock way. You can think of them as a mixture of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath with White Stripes.

It seems to me that those inspirations are a little bit artificial. They often sound fake and the music is shallow.

However they have some energy for real rock n’ roll, that’s what make them cool in moments when you don’t need heavy cerebral stuff.

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