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I’m listening right now to the biggest 2008 surprise, Elephant9.

A norwergian trio who dare to build a sound inspired by Miles Davis ( Bitches Brew), ELP (Tarkus) and Mahavishnu Orchestra.

Everything is just perfectly right. There’s no much to say, whoever knows one of the foresaid names will just get this album and enjoy.

10/10. Surely one of the greatest 2008 albums.

If you cannot find this on the web please leave a comment with your e-mail.


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Natsumen - Never Wear Out Your Summer XXX!!!

Never Wear Out Your Summer XXX!!! is a live album. It’s a huge responsability for a band that makes such a complex music to record a full album live.
And they do it amazingly.
Never Wear Out Your Summer XXX!!! is a surprise because it’s more post-rock than its predecessor.
Although the elaborated structures are here, and the frentic energy too.

I’d recommend this album first to someone who is not familiar to experimental / avant-garde music.
But the post-rock approach doesn’t mean it’s worst than Endless Summer Record, in any way.
If you don’t find their stuff, please leave a comment.

10/10 rating.

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Natsumen - Endless Summer Record

Natsumen is one of my fav japanese bands. Recently I discovered the japanese post-rock scene but never expected for something so interesting and energetic like Natsumen.

Endless Summer Record is a studio album. Focused on free jazz improvisation. They deliver everything between explosive catchy melodies of complex structures to total abstration.
This album is a delight for experimental/avant-garde ears. It’s a shame the fact that Natsumen is pratically unknown.

I’m doing my part and telling everyone what a great band it is.
If you like post-rock, experimental music, prog rock, jazz fusion or general avant-garde you must be introduced to Natsumen. And if you don’t find their stuff, please leave a comment.

10/10 Rating.

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Steve Hillage - Fish Rising

First studio album by Steve Hillage as solo artist. Just after he left Gong.

This is an impressive mature record. Consistent tracks and solid instrumental structure. Due to the high musical level of his crew.

Fish Rising is a delightful fresh mixture of progressive and psychedelic rock, plus some good anvant-garde and jazz/fusion influence.

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Omar Rodriguez-Lopez - Omar Rodriguez

Second solo album by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez.
Curiously this one is auto entitled.

Anyway, now it really looks like Omar having some fun among his friends.
This album is a short collection of jazz fusion jams. Omar‘s playing is as hot as in The Mars Volta.
But around this yellow-covered album lies a supernatural 70’s aura.
You’ll get strong bass riffs, LOTS of saxes, percussion and obviously the burning guitar everywhere.

That’s the first time Omar shows clearly his jazz passion and influences. And lots of the jazzy elements that he experimented here would stay as definitive soils to the next coming TMV album, Amputechture.

This is a must-have for Omar‘s fans.

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