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Natsumen - Never Wear Out Your Summer XXX!!!

Never Wear Out Your Summer XXX!!! is a live album. It’s a huge responsability for a band that makes such a complex music to record a full album live.
And they do it amazingly.
Never Wear Out Your Summer XXX!!! is a surprise because it’s more post-rock than its predecessor.
Although the elaborated structures are here, and the frentic energy too.

I’d recommend this album first to someone who is not familiar to experimental / avant-garde music.
But the post-rock approach doesn’t mean it’s worst than Endless Summer Record, in any way.
If you don’t find their stuff, please leave a comment.

10/10 rating.


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Natsumen - Endless Summer Record

Natsumen is one of my fav japanese bands. Recently I discovered the japanese post-rock scene but never expected for something so interesting and energetic like Natsumen.

Endless Summer Record is a studio album. Focused on free jazz improvisation. They deliver everything between explosive catchy melodies of complex structures to total abstration.
This album is a delight for experimental/avant-garde ears. It’s a shame the fact that Natsumen is pratically unknown.

I’m doing my part and telling everyone what a great band it is.
If you like post-rock, experimental music, prog rock, jazz fusion or general avant-garde you must be introduced to Natsumen. And if you don’t find their stuff, please leave a comment.

10/10 Rating.

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Ornette Coleman is an unquestionable name to free jazz.

Science Fiction marked his career as the balance between the old energy and the forthcoming electric experiments.

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