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As important as the first volume, Waves II is a little less sample-based, progressing into a slightly more drum machine/synth/vocals-oriented house music.

It’s worthy saying that in both incarnations of Waves, Le Knight Club‘s stuff is crucial for the collection relevance. If you don’t know LKC yet you really need to go after it.



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Today’s hottest electronic acts are influenced by french house. And when we’re talking about french house there is one name above all: Daft Punk.

Daft Punk has its robotic, retro-futuristic, new disco theme. And the guys from Paris are very strict to it.
So imagine how much stuff Guy-Manuel de Homem-Cristo and Thomas Bangalter throw away to keep up the Daft Punk releases quality. I say A LOT.

Fortunately they have (had?) a prolific off-Daft Punk life.

A long time ago, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Cristo founded his own french house label, called Crydamoure. While releasing a lot of tracks with Eric Chedeville under the moniker Le Knight Club, Homem-Cristo patronized a lot of people in Crydamoure.
These guys’ efforts were registered in 2 masterpieces: Waves and Waves II.

Both Waves are boldly recommended to anybody interested in house music. And I say it’s easily 10/10 rated.

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2009 - Kitsuné Maison Compilation Vol 8

I had a hard time looking around the web to put my hands on the new eighth kitsuné compilation release.
Kistuné is a french label, famous for shooting new stars on the dance/electro scene. So their compilations are (or should be) hot.

First two tracks and the record label got me down. Are the teenager-sounding French Horn Rebellion and The Drums is IMO the perfect disastrous way to start anything. People must know that the childish Los Campesinos! was a mistake and that should never be repeated.

But Siriusmo saved the compilation in time. The german guy has a nice track. It sounds to me like the Health‘s album, more polished. The bass is so cool.

Le Corps Mince de Francoise is lame R&B in atari mode.
At this point it looks like Kitsuné is emphasizing chiptune-oriented electro.

Do the Midnight Juggernauts have a new vocalist? The New Technology sounds strange and weak compared to their debut album. Not only musically but technically as well.

The compilation proceeds with the weak Heartsrevollution, and the OK Logo.

Two Door Cinema is catchy but haven’t everybody listened enough of this kind of stuff?
The same goes for Beni, except the catchy part.

Slagsmalsklubben brings back chiptune sound with the Yello-like Brutal Weapon.

I wonder why the 2007’s distorted synths of Amwe is fooling around…

And Jolie Cherie scores for chiptunes again. But the vocals sucks SO BAD. I cannot stand that. ouch.

Chew Lips remixed by Alex Kapranos is not bad, but we all know why this track is here…

The next contender is Delphic. Successfuly inspired -again- by the Health‘s remixes album. Nice track.

Memory Tapes is already known by people around the Disco Dust blog. Not my cup of tea.

Still around the Disco Dust people is Parallels. Looks like they put their shit together, which resulted in a more concise track. And still not my cup of… tea.

The compilation goes on with Notes and Crystal Fighters. They’re nothing. Skip both.

My Tiger, My Timing closes the Kitsuné Maison Compilation Vol 8 with a simple, solid structured pop song.

The conclusion is, if you’re already a Kitsuné fan you’ll probably like it just because it’s Kitsuné. Otherwise I don’t think this edition is a relevant realease about newcomers rocking out now.

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2009 - Chromeo - DJ Kicks

Chromeo is for sure one of the most respectable and high profile electro duos today. They’re maniac with 80’s funk and synths, and are not ashamed of showing it. After all it’s cool anyway.
What makes them stand out of the crowd?
Besides the fact they really play most of their stuff, they know their stuff.

Dj Kicks is a mixtape specially hand-crafted with electro/disco/funk tracks released in both the 80s and the 00s. I bet you can’t tell the difference in most of them.

DJ Kicks is the proof that the canadian duo rocks hard. No hype bullshit.

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The canadian couple strikes again. I don’t like Wolf Parade so I didn’t have any expectations about it, and I wasn’t wrong at all.
This kind of electro reencarnation of 80s phantoms (Billy Idol to say one) plus other punk and post punk names is not my cup of tea.

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“Swedish” is a good word when talking about music. Zeigeist is a new electro pop group with a good visual performance and catchy retro pop sound.
They remind me a lot of The Knife, but with probably more pop hits.

I can’t get enough of Tar Heart. The perfect fusion of The Knife and Kate Bush.

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I’ve never been into Alanis Morissette music, but I was curious to know how Flavors of Entanglement would sound.

It looks like Morissette is looking for a new aural personality after so many changes in music since her first records – which made her so famous.

Therefore, Flavors… is full of sonic mannerisms.
For instance, Citizen of the Planet is a classic “mystic” rock-oriented track. (a 90’s mystic Madonna meets Evanescence).
Underneath is familiar ground, both to Morissette and her fans.
Straitjacket is the worst try of the album, in my opinion. Morissette ‘s I-must-rhyme pop-rock vocals  just don’t fit the bad electro ripoff background.
Versions Of Violence is another try of mixing heavy rock elements with electronic drums in a way that has already happened, 10 years ago.
Not As We is probably the best track. A piano ballad. Where Morissette can relax and be herself for a while.

The album goes on varying from Morissette recycled cliches and less adventurous unsuccessful tries of being modern.
Perhaps Moratorium illustrates the album problem better than any song:
Flavors… isn’t bad, but Alanis Morissette seems trapped in the 90’s, trying to be in the 2000’s through the wrong ways. Maybe she is just not well oriented. If I’d blame someone it would be the producer Guy Sigsworth who just reheated previous Morissette‘s success and failed putting her into a modern context.

In my opinion this is an album only for Morissette fans.

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