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It’s hard to classify Zombie Zombie. They sound like a mixture of 80’s thriller soundtrack with a breath of fresh psychedelic air. Obviously due to the retro-mania we’re into these days.
Very nice music anyway, although it’s not agressive enough for a hit I love the homonymous track.


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Hexstatic - When the Robots

A not so catchy mix of Daft Punk and Simian Mobile Disco.

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Does It Offend You, Yeah? - You Have No Idea What You’re Getting Yourself Into

Party in a box! The first 4 tracks are absolute hits. The rest is mostly good / ok stuff.

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I Was A Teenage Satan Worshipper - The Lemonade Ocean

The Lemonade Ocean is a big mess of electro stuff. There are good tracks like OMG, Techno Chicks!!! and Pop (H)ate(s) Itself but as a whole the album is inconsistent.

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The Whip - X Marks Destination

I was waiting for more, The Whip got the electro rock hype among big names in electro music today. Unfortunately X Marks Destination has nothing fresh. They’re making modern rock behind an electro mask that may be just opportunism.
In addition to that I really don’t like the vocals here.

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Puscifer - V is for Vagina

The sou famous electro project of Tool‘s mastermind.

I must say I like it better than Tool (I don’t like Tool, so it’s not that hard).
There’s a cynic mood over most of the songs. I like it. It sounds malicious, and it’s not just the lyrics.

Some tracks get close to the other Keenan projects, but there are quite fresh stuff on V is for Vagina.
Dozo is my fav track.

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She Wants Revenge - She Wants Revenge

Fans of post-punk probably didn’t expect so many bands crafting a retro 80’s sound this decade, I bet. And these fans will be pleased by the duo from L.A., She Wants Revenge.

Their first album has an obsessive Joy Division sound. It’s dancing, and the lyrics has nightlife in clubs as background. I think they really caught the 80’s feeling.
Almost every track is a dancefloor hit.

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