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The 3rd and the Mortal - Painting on Glass

This album is surely ten steps. But back or ahead?

Two years after releasing Memoirs, the norwegian band T3ATM recorded Painting on Glass. And it seems that they were sorry about the so misunderstood predecessor.

I mean they shyly got back to metal tunes and operatic female vocals.
But I like to think they’ve awaken about not stepping over someone’s footsteps.

Painting on Glass is surely the most atmospheric album by T3ATM. And fortunately it holds a little of Memoirs experimental mood.
I like very much the diffused guitar sound.
There’s some ethnic elements which refers to Dead can Dance, I think.

The bad thing is that it’s sounding too retracted, limited. The string chords are mostly too long, and the drums can be tiring after a while.

Hopefully we have refreshing short tracks like Crystal Orchids, Aurora Borealis and Stairs.
But I like some full tracks like Dreamscapes and Horizons.

A more concise album, but cohesion is still the weak point of T3ATM.


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