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2009 - Chromeo - DJ Kicks

Chromeo is for sure one of the most respectable and high profile electro duos today. They’re maniac with 80’s funk and synths, and are not ashamed of showing it. After all it’s cool anyway.
What makes them stand out of the crowd?
Besides the fact they really play most of their stuff, they know their stuff.

Dj Kicks is a mixtape specially hand-crafted with electro/disco/funk tracks released in both the 80s and the 00s. I bet you can’t tell the difference in most of them.

DJ Kicks is the proof that the canadian duo rocks hard. No hype bullshit.


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The Rapture - Pieces Of The People We Love

Pieces Of The People We Love have some awesome disco-dance hits. They are Don Gon do It (where Luke Jenner does amazing vocals which invoke Freddy Mercury), Get Myself into It and The Devil.

If this record had only these 3 tracks I’d say it’s perfect. But there are more 7 tracks that didn’t call my attention.

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Jamiroquai - The Return of the Space Cowboy

Critically acclaimed as the best Jamiroquai album I’d say it’s very fine indeed. But I like more energetic stuff.

The Return of the Space Cowboy, as any other Jamiroquai album is fulfilled with  downtempo dance tracks. I love the retro thing they put out, but I’m more into fast tracks like Kids.

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Junior Senior - D-D-Don’t Stop the Beat

Firts studio album by the danish duo.
This is a controversial album. It has awesome disco rock hits and at the same time very boring songs.

The obvious hits are Move your Feet and Rythm Bandits.

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