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Opeth is a different kind of death metal outfit that mixes progressive and folk elements to craft a particular sound.
Since the whole metal scene is going through a creativity crisis, I was curious about how the next step of one of the most successful metal bands would be.

Unfortunately Watershed stayed on Opeth‘s defined formula. A little more emphatic on the softer parts.
Opeth recycles what they have done the last decade. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Orthodox fans should be satisfied, but there’s a risk of getting repetitive.
My opinion is, mimicing yourself is a definitive let down. Therefore, in block minded times for heavy metal, maybe it’s wiser to stay where you are than going ahead and fail.

I’d point out Hex Omega as my fav track.


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In Flames - A Sense Of Purpose

In Flames is one of the most successfull metal acts today. It’s easily explained with just a few minutes of listening to their new album.
Essentially death metal, A Sense of Purpose gathers elements from classic heavy metal e hard rock. These elements make of In Flames an universal metal band not restricted to extreme metal or old school fans.
The healthy variety heavy rock styles in A Sense Of Purpose justifies one more time In Flames‘s popularity.

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Cavalera Conspiracy - Inflikted

It’s been a long time but the Cavalera brothers are together again.
They intended to make a new Sepultura formation but couldn’t for legal reasons, so they called it Cavalera Conspiracy.

If compared to Roots, the last Sepultura album with the brothers side by side, Inflikted sounds miles ahead. Really another band.
They’re obviously in the thrash/death metal, but now there are more elaborated songs. (don’t say progressive!)
The mood changing and the guitar solos surprised me.

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Meshuggah - obZen

A few years ago I tried some songs by Meshuggah but it didn’t call my attention. But obZen is for sure a hard punch on ears.
It’s complex, fast and heavy. There aren’t let downs, obZen is a cohesive explosion yet the songs have its own personalities.

It was such an instant shot that I couldn’t help but listening to it four times without a pause.
Bleed is a fantastic hit, my fav track so far.
It has a good choice as the best metal album this year.

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Eluveitie - Slania

Eluveitie is a metal band from Switzerland. They put together melodic death metal and traditional celtic instruments.

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Between the Buried and Me - Between the Buried and Me

First album by the american band.
This album is a curious mix of death and alternative metal. With alternating guttural and clean mid-range vocals.

The music also alternates, between simple death metal patterns and more complex riffs in different time signatures.

I must say I didn’t like the death metal side of the band. But this is an average kick off album.

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