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The Whip - X Marks Destination

I was waiting for more, The Whip got the electro rock hype among big names in electro music today. Unfortunately X Marks Destination has nothing fresh. They’re making modern rock behind an electro mask that may be just opportunism.
In addition to that I really don’t like the vocals here.


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[no cover yet]

Crystal Castles is a canadian electronic duo that is taking the world by surprise. They mix retro beats and atari-like synthesizers (in fact I heard they have a synthesizer connected through an atari sound-card) with Alicia distorted screams.

The album version I have is apparently an unmastered leak, so I cannot say how definitive it is. But there are awesome hits like the claustrophobic Alicia Practice in addition to Courtship Dating and Love and Caring. The rest is electro noise, synth pop snippets and a few hard retro electro tunes like 1991 and Knights, which are a good answer to the french electro explosion.

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Daft Punk - Discovery

2007 proved that France is probably the top of the world in electronic music. I need to know its roots, so I’m looking after Daft Punk.

Discovery has some impressive new ideas for that time, 2001. It has lots of 70’s and 80’s-like samples. Which make the record sound like a collection of classics.

My fav tracks are Aerodynamic, Digital LoveShort Circuit, Face to Face and Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.

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LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver

Sound of Silver is the first album I’ve listened by LCD Soundsystem. (I have a little prejudice against too famous names).

There are some good dance hits but nothing really called my attention. And I don’t like the rock sections, where Mr Murphy seems to use The Strokes  and The Rapture formulas.

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Simian Mobile Disco - Attack Decay Sustain Release

After listening to the new LCD Soundsystem album I was hungry for dance music. The first full length album by Simian Mobile Disco is on the list of recommended 2007’s albums at allmusic.com. I tried it.

And WOW. What a hot dance album. It’s quite a retro stuff, like late 80’s electro and 90’s techno. And it’s good as hell. The songs are very distinct. They come from 80’s hip hop music like I Got this Down (my fav) and go to 1990’s dance like Husler (another great hit. I feel I like I already knew it. Do you feel the same?) to 1990’s techno like Tits & Acid. They even have an experimental track, Scott, that reminds me of Plone.

Amazing album, party-in-a-box.

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Róis�n Murphy - Overpowered

Miss Murphy wants to dance, and it’s not all, she wants to make everyone dance as well.

Overpowered is essentially a dance album. There are lots of things going on this release. The backbone is electro / house but there are lots of black music, mainly funk with retro synths.

Making dance music isn’t easy as it was in the past. Róisín Murphy doesn’t bring any surprise here.
I didn’t like any track as an instant hit, but the overall is good.


I probably was in a bad mood. This album is very good. Overpowered is a very fine hit and Dear Miami is one of the best hits of 2007 in my opinion!

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The Chemical Brothers - We Are the Night

We Are the Night has some very good hits. I’d use at least 3 tracks for a good nightclub playlist!

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