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Charango marks Morcheeba‘s career as a transitional album from trip hop to a wider mix of styles. At least it’s what critics say.

I find Charango an inconsistent collection, from a band that is trying to discover its various faces.
They please me when they’re doing chillout. So São Paulo is obviously my favorite track. And I’m definitely checking their discography.


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Goldfrapp - Seventh Tree

New album by Goldfrapp is a surprise for me. It’s a more chillout oriented album.
Of course there are the electro beats, but the music is relaxing. There are epic songs like Little Bird and A&E, which pushes Goldfrapp to new lands.

Sometimes it reminded me of Zero Seven, and after a few more listenings I noticed a lot of Air influence, it’s good to hear such relaxing delicate music with Goldfrapp charming voice.

The lo-fi passages may mean some subtle CocoRosie influences, like in Eat Yourself.

This is in my opinion is the best thing Goldfrapp ever made. A consistent work that sounds awesome at the first listening and at the same time demands more plays to get into the fantastic world that Seventh Tree is.

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Ulrich Schnauss - Goodbye

Ulrich Schnauss is a german composer and producer, somehow hype in europe.
He makes relaxing music, which can be described as a mix of Cocteau Twins and Eya, yet fresh.
Fine stuff, I liked it.

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Smolik - Smolik 2

Do you like Air – the french duo? Have you listened to ALL Air stuff at least ten times already?
What about giving a try on a polish alter ego?
Well, I don’t want to be depreciative with Smolik, but if he wanted his music to sound like Air, well, he succeeded.

Smolik is a polish artist who makes a fine  electro chillout stuff. He really sounds like Air on his second album. But it’s not just a clone. Smolik put a heavier pinch of hip hop on his dish. So you may think he’s sounding more trip hop sometimes.

Overall, absolutely recommended to Air and chillout fans.

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Cocteau Twins - Victorialand

Victorialand is the most ethereal and atmospheric album by Cocteau Twins. Maybe it’s for the absence of Raymonde, or it was just the moment.
But Victorialand is one of my very favorite albums by these scottish guys.

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Coctails - Peel

The Coctails are an underrated but seminal indie rock band. They influenced lots of bands that are today cassified as post-rock.

Peel is a delightful album. All songs are whimsically simple and delicate.

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Air - Moon Safari

First studio album by the french duo. An absolute success which quickly made Air one the finest electro pop bands in the 00’s. Their retro synthesizers, chillout atmospheres and catchy pop melodies are praised by the highest profile electronic music artists.

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