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Arcturus - Sideshow Symphonies

As a fan of Dimmu Borgir I’m used to see mentions to Arcturus as the project where Simen “Vortex” fully sings. And always heard that Arcturus is a more atmospheric / experimental / avant-garde project in norwergian black metal scene. So I just picked their latest album, Sideshow Symphonies. But it was a total delusion.
Simen‘s voice is unique. I totally love his vocals. But the band is so weak. The melodies, arrangements, everything is poor and obvious. I don’t know why people label them as experimental / avant-garde, since I haven’t heard ANY surprising stuff (not counting the surprising boring parts and the surprising horrible synthesizers).

I’ll probably try other Arcturus album, because I don’t believe so many people can love the music in Sideshow Symphonies.


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Dimmu Borgir - In Sorte Diaboli

Very awaited album for the heavy metal scene.
This time Dimmu Borgir made a conceptual album.
I could babble about the concept, the lyrics and satanism as Thom Jurek did in allmusic.com. But I won’t. Even thought this is a conceptual album I consider far firstly the music.

And that’s the hot thing here. In Sorte Diaboli is a very short album, 42 minutes. And I always praise an artist for making a concise good short album in place of a +70 minutes record which almost half the songs are bullshit.

The album is very intense. Your ears will mostly rest during the Vortex-guided interludes, which I really enjoy.
All songs are good, but the opening The Serpentine Offering is one of the best Dimmu Borgir tracks ever.

And I don’t effing care about how true or commercial they are since they make music I like.

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Dimmu Borgir - Stormblåst MMV

2005’s re-recording of the 1996’s classic album by the norwegian kings of symphonic black metal.

I love some tracks from original album (specially the title one), and was quite apprehensive about what would they do.

But Dimmu Borgir is an ever maturing band, and the result, in my opinion is delightful.

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Dimmu Borgir - Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia

PEM” isn’t the first, nor the second or even the third studio album by Dimmu Borgir, but it’s the most revolutionary one.
The heavy metal fanbase is very delicate when it comes to innovations and evolutions. Changes are slowly assimilated and it generates a strong pressure against the artists. Non traditional releases are commonly neglected or worse, the artists gain fame of “traitors of their roots” or “untrue”.

That’s why PEM can be sometimes a controversial album, but its superb quality are beyond the old conventions.

The audio production is unbelievable. It’s the very finest black metal record until 2001. There are great orchestrations, screaming guitars, crystal clean drums and electronic effects. Everything is perfectly spread over the mix at an explosive volume level that can burn your headphones.

PEM put together the arrogance of a symphonic orchestra with the agressive fury of extreme metal in a totally new manner of geniousity.
Both things work together as if they were one. There’s no duels. Most of the tracks have shinning orchestral parts that don’t obscure the guitar riffs.

But don’t ever think it has a medieval concept or such thing.
The theme is more futuristic, apocalyptical I’d say. And right now we get the main issue: the electronic sounds.

Generally, old school metal fans hate electronic stuff. So a track like Puritania although being pretty explosive and energetic is marginalized for using too many electronic effects.

PEM was a huge and very important step to Dimmu Borgir. Breaking dogmatic barriers isn’t for anyone, these guys are in the black metal vanguard for a reason, and this album is surely one of the decade’s best albums.

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